Sigfried’s Smelly Socks by Len Foley

Let's Talk about this bookSigfriesd's Smelly SocksCome spend time with young Sigfried. He has cataloged a cornucopia of smells in his book, some grosser than others, yet none as smelly as his colorful sock collection.

This a delightful, laugh out loud, scream “Eww!”, and giggle book. Told in rhyming verse, illustrated with comical drawings and real-life pictures, this book is bound to be a favorite of the preschool to early reader crowd. It is filled with wonderful sight words and great drawings and photos for kids to practice association with fun concepts, colors, and smells. Little ones will laugh themselves silly and adults will enjoy it too. Perfect for bedtime or school time.

Ages 3-7
Grades Pre K- 2
Pages 26

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