Winter Reads: White Christmas of a Loooong Dog

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Title/Author: White Christmas of a Loooong Dog: Beautifully Illustrated Christmas Poems for Kids and Dog Lovers (Loooong Dog’s Adventures Book 3)
by Jessica Neal

Genre: Picture Books / Holidays / Winter
Date of publish: November 2017
Pages: 24 Ages: 0-8 Grades: P-2



White Christmas of a Loooong Dog
Christmas time is a beautiful time

With lights all red and green,

I think it is the prettiest time

That I have ever seen!

Follow the adventures of this cute loooong dog as he experiences his First White Christmas.

With a specially knitted Christmas jersey, this funny Dachshund carefully takes his first steps onto the soft white snow blanket. He loves the feeling and excitedly runs around the neighborhood.

To him everything looks different since the snow started to fall. Winter activities and house decorations amuse this little doggy with adventurous results.

This cute children’s story is perfect for ages 3-7 and is told in fun rhymes.

Illustrated colorfully with quality images on each page, it is sure to become a bedtime favorite and teaching children about Christmas traditions any time of the day and year.



Leo TemplateLoooong Dog Sees his first snow fall and goes on adventures with his owner and her neighbors. Vibrant full page illustrations will keep children and adults entranced as they watch the pup make snow angels, try to ice skate and even meet Santa. Told in rhyme, his escapade will have kids falling asleep right along side him at the end of the day. This will be a holiday favorite for bedtime story requests and early readers for many years.

Looong Dog

White Christmas is just the latest adventure for Loooong Dog. Previous books include a trip to the neighborhood park to hang with the local kids and other pets as well as to play in a rain storm and Trick or Treating in his neighborhood during Halloween in his costume.

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Jessica Neal is a writer of children’s books who fills the paper with breathings of her heart.
She is a firm believer that: “After nourishment, shelter, and companionship, stories are the thing we need most in the world.”
From early childhood, she wrote short stories and poems and read them to her parents who discovered her talent and always encouraged her hobby.
When she became a mother, Jessica began to write stories for her son, and now she gladly shares them with people. She feeds children with magic through her stories. To her, writing stories is to weave unseen forces into form, to soar beyond sight, to explore the uncharted dream realm of the hidden reality, to infuse life with color, motion and strange scents that mesmerize, to leap beyond imagination into that space between the worlds where fantasy becomes real. She believes that the books should teach, prompt, help, and give answers to questions.
Jessica’s goal is to write quality books, with beautiful illustrations, so that each child enjoys them and falls in love with reading. According to her, children’s literature must build a bridge between the colorful dream world of fantasy and the tougher real world. The child armed with the torch of knowledge, awareness, and guidance can cross this bridge successfully and set foot to the practical world.



  1. Hi. My name is Patti Seymour Killham. I would appreciate it if you could review my Christmas children’s book. ” Grandpa’s
    Best Christmas Eve Ever. ”

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