A Pony For Christmas by Bev Pettersen

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Title/Author: A Pony for Christmas: A Montana ( A Canadian) Holiday Novella by Bev Pettersen
Genre: Christmas Short Story
Publisher: Westerhall
Date of publish: November 2014
Pages: 91

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A Pony For ChristmasSix-year-old Suzy Jenkins desperately wants a pony for Christmas. And she’s certain Santa will deliver. After all, she’s been on her best behavior for months–not tattling on the bullies and even sharing her only candy cane. Besides, this year she has everything ready, including a cracked water bucket and several wizened carrots.

Suzy’s mother struggles just to put food on the table. Life has been challenging since her husband died, and any pet—especially a pony—is impossible. However Suzy’s unflagging belief in the importance of being kind serves as a catalyst, sending ripples throughout her snowy Montana town and bringing love and happiness to more than just a big-hearted little girl.




“…A delightful book about kindness, family, Christmas miracles–and ponies.” – Kirkus Reviews


Winner, LYRA Award, Best Novella, Bookstores Without Borders
Winner, Reader Views Award
Winner, Best Novella, Hearts Through History RWA
Finalist, National Excellence in Romance Fiction Novella



My Review

Leo Review sm

It is just before Christmas and Suzy is trying so hard to be good because she just knows that this year Santa is going to bring her a real live pony. She and her mother have moved to this small town in Montana after the death of Suzy’s father. Her mother, tries hard to keep her daughter’s belief in the magic of Christmas alive, knowing all the while it is a struggle to just provide the basics for her them. Hard pressed as she is, she has raised her daughter to have a good heart and when she makes some new friends, Mom finds out that Christmas miracles may sometimes happen in the real world.

Who hasn’t wanted a pony for Christmas? Telling this story from the perspective of a 6 year old child is sheer genius. Children, in their innocence, are brutally honest in how they view the the world and yet are often completely oblivious to to the harsh realities of that world. Using Suzy’s voice, the author has done a fantastic job of putting a lot of exposition in this short read. Her child’s ability to see good in all and to show kindness reverberates through the entire story.

While the outcome of the story is never in doubt, the people Suzy meets along the way make this a perfect Christmas read, and I am not ashamed to admit I shed a tear or two as a twist I did not expect showed itself. Carl’s history is compelling and even peripheral characters have a way of filling out the story.

Bev Pettersen has a impressive list of grown up books to her credit. This particular novella is perfect for readers ages 6-600

5 stars


Bev PettersenBev Pettersen lives in Nova Scotia with her family—humans and four-legged—and when she’s not writing novels, she’s riding.

Bev is a three-time nominee in the National Readers Choice Award and a two-time finalist in the Romance Writers of America’s Golden Heart® Contest as well as the winner of other international awards including the Reader Views Reviewer’s Choice Award, Aspen Gold Reader’s Choice Award, NEC-RWA Reader’s Choice Award, Write Touch Readers’ Award, a Kirkus Recommended Read, and a HOLT Medallion Award of Merit. She competed for five years on the Alberta Thoroughbred race circuit and is an Equine Canada certified coach.

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