5 Questions with Naz Anderson From IA:Union by John Darryl Winston

[Lian-]Hello everyone and welcome to our blog. Today I had a chance to sit down and talk with ninth grader Naz Anderson. Naz has recently transferred into Union High School from the International Academy. However, you might remember Naz from Coach Fear’s phenomenal Lincoln Railsplitters basketball team last year.


Naz, thanks for talking with me today…

To start off with can you tell me and our readers a bit about yourself?

[Naz-] I don’t really know that much about myself except that I don’t have any family other than my friends, my coach, my therapist, and my boss. I hate school, well, I don’t like it very much. I’m a good athlete, and I can do things with my mind, well you wouldn’t believe me if I told you.

Not believe you? I would sure like to hear about it if you want to talk about it. Moving on though, how do you spend your free time..

If you had a free day with no responsibilities, you can just have fun, what would you do?
I would hang out with D all day, unless she was working on a story for that stupid school newspaper, then I’d hang out with Harvis and Soul, maybe play video games or hang out at the cage and beat some old guys in a pick up game.

No doubt, you know how to have some fun. So tell me…

When you walk into a room, what do you expect people to notice about you?

That’s easy! I hope they don’t notice me. But I guess if they did notice something, it would be my hair.

You do seem to have great hair. Can ask I ask about your family…

Do you think you’ve turned out the way your parents expected?

I don’t remember my father, and my mother had her hands full with my step… well her husband. So she had too much to worry about with “him” to have any expectations for me, except that I look out for Meri. Mama was always in survival mode.

Man, I am sorry. Sounds like a tough life…

What’s the worst thing that’s happened in your life? Did you learn anything from it?

I don’t wanna talk about that.

Fair enough. How about a for fun question…

What do you do on rainy days?

Before I met D, it seemed like it was always raining, but now it never rains, even when it’s raining. Did I just say that? Don’t tell anybody. For real, though. The rain doesn’t bother me, so I do whatever. It makes my hair curl up and look shorter than it actually is, and that’s not cool. I feel like I’m supposed to have long hair.

(laughing) Girls sure have a way of making a guy feel like that. Let’s talk about more about you…

What do you consider are your strengths?

I can run fast and for a long time, and I got handles and a good jump shot. I’m good at reading people’s… I used to play the guitar and I think, the piano but don’t have time for those anymore. But what I’m really good at is moving things with my… Oops! There I go again. Next question please.

Umm, sure…

Tell us about your best friends. How did you meet?

I met Harvis my first day of school last year at Lincoln in my coach’s heath class, but it seems like I’ve known him longer. I met Soul, the first day of school last year too in that same class with Harvis.

Sounds like you are friends with some good guys. Can I ask you…

What are you most afraid of?

Nothing…maybe losing D.

Yeah, that would be rough. So one final question…

What are you most proud of about your life?

I have nothing to be proud of. I failed at the one thing I promised myself I wouldn’t fail at and if it’s the last thing I do, I’ll get to the bottom of what happened to my little sister. Then, and only then will I have something to be proud of. I’ll be worthy.

I am sure that you will, but you may have more to be proud of than you think. Thanks again for talking with us today.



Readers, you can get to know Naz Anderson in John Darryl Winston’s IA Series. IA: Initiate and IA: B.O.S.S are both available now at your favorite retailers or at http://johndarrylwinston.com/ . The series finale IA: Union will be on sale November 24. See our review of this 5 star read HERE




Later this week, I have 5 (More) Questions with Mr. Winston, who is always fun to talk to. You can catch his first 5 Questions interview HERE

John Darryl Winston


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