Kids Books About Being Thankful

Gratitude is a skill like any other and kids often just need to be shown how the little things are worth be thankful for. For the Thanksgiving season here is a some books about gratitude.

51cBJiGMihLI’M THANKFUL FOR… (Children Books: Bedtime Stories for Kids, Activities, and Games: A Book About Being Grateful! (Happy Kids Reading Series 2)
by Uncle Amon

Follow Jillian and her family on their daily adventures as they learn to be thankful for the small things they they have, be a place to live and plenty of food, a new friend, or a place to play. These short stories are well written for bedtime or early reading practice and as per usual with Uncle Amon books there are fun activities to enjoy as well.
Ages 3-8 Pages 30


Be Thankful for the Little Things

Be Thankful for the Little Things; Fun Rhymes and Pictures to Teach Children about Gratitude
by Louise Folger

Beautiful illustrations and fun rhymes highlight the many different things children have to be thankful for. From Grandpa’s jokes and Mom’s kisses to lovely butterflies and apple pies. Children will love to have this read to them again and again. Early readers will also enjoy this story.
Ages 3-7 Pages 34



by S.A Evergreen

Tilly knows that it is the little and not so little things in life that we should be thankful for. She will guide youngsters through her list of gratitude with vibrant colorful illustrations that will engage even the youngest children.

Ages 0-7


Henry's Thankful Hat
Henry’s Thankful Hat
by Christopher Daughton

Go on an adventure with Henry’s Thankful Hat. Filled with fun rhymes and beautiful autumn themed artwork, young readers will enjoy this story.
Pages 18 Ages 0-8


One Thankful Groundhog
One Thankful Groundhog Kindle Edition
by Janice Mearkle

Groundhog learns the true meaning of being thankful when he goes to the forest to look for walnuts for a thanksgiving treat. He gets caught in a snow storm and loses his way, his friends worry about him, but he has a surprise for them. Children will enjoy this story about caring, sharing and being thankful. Illustrators Brian Mearkle and Nathan Cooper have done a beautiful job of bring the story’s characters to life
Pages 18 Ages 2-8




More Books About Being Thankful




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