Fall Stories: Killer Cookies Series Spotlight


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The Killer Cookie Series (4 Book Series) By Patti Benning KU

Killer Caramel Cookies: Book 1 in the Killer Cookie Series

Killer Halloween Cookies: Book 2 in The Killer Cookie Cozy Mysteries

Killer Maple Cookies: Book 3 in Killer Cookie Cozy Mysteries

Crunchy Christmas Murder: Killer Cookie Cozy Mysteries, Book 4


My Review

Lilah has left corporate life to find herself. She moves from new job to new job fully convinced she has found her calling, only to end up unemployed once again. Luckily the owner of the local diner doesn’t take her quitting time and again for a new career personally. Eventually she realizes that baking might just be thing the for her and with the encouragement and financial support of her neighbor and close friend Margie, she sets out to open a cookie shop. What does the occasional dead body along the way matter?

The Killer Cookie series is, for me, at once wonderful and disappointing. Wonderful because it has all the makings of a truly memorable reading experience. The town of Vista Alabama is the kind of place that you want to visit again and again. It is filled with vibrant and, at times, quirky characters that you feel like you have known all your life. Lilah and her circle of acquaintances are completely relatable. The stories are fast paced and well written. They draw the reader in and keep them turning pages right to the end.

On the flip side, the books are far too short. Just as the story gets going it is over. Also it isn’t much of a cozy, despite a brief brush with the idea of being a private detective in the first book, the delightful heroine Lilah, isn’t so much as amateur sleuth as she falls into solving the mystery by accident.

Still, if you have an hour to spare and want to be entertained, these holiday themed books are a great way to spend the time.

4 stars


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