Kids Books Celebrating Veterans Day

What Is Veterans Day?  by Margot Parker
This is a definitive kids book about Veterans Day. Children will instantly connect to characters Amy and Ben as they share a conversation about the history of the holiday and how it is celebrated in America and across the world. Beautiful, old school ink and water color illustrations absolutely delight.
Ages 4-8 Pages 47


Hero Dad Kindle Edition  by Bryan Langdo and Melinda Hardin

Fantastically detailed full page illustrations show life in the Army in a way that young kids will enjoy.  The easy to understand text compares super heroes to every day heroes and is lesson that won’t soon be forgotten. This is a great book for explaining to kids why dad, or mom, needs to be away on deployment or just a fine book to share on Veterans Day. It even has a companion book “Hero Mom”.

Ages 3-5 Pages 32


Veteran’s Day for Grandpa: by Dee Smith

Dee Smith’s sweet tribute to her grandfather’s service during WWII is a splendid way to teach young kids the importance of Veterans Day. The quirky mixed media illustrations are sure to catch attention.

Ages 3-7 Pages 26


Other Kid Books For Veterans Day


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