Series Spotlight: Lawrence Pinkley Mysteries

Most people read a book because it looks interesting, or maybe because it is in their favorite genre. Me, well I read books for all kinds of reasons and I chose my first Lawrence Pinkley Mystery based on the author bio alone. Anyone who could write that flight of fancy deserved to be read. So far I haven’t been disappointed.


Lawrence Pinkley inherited the Pinkley Investigation Group (that is PIG for short), in northeast England, from his father. While at the age of 18 he may not have wanted to be a detective, he is making the best of it in his signature trench coat and brown Trilby hat (an homage to his father’s love of 1930’s American PIs). He is not the best investigator, but he never makes the same mistake twice and he is making a name for himself (not that anyone ever gets his name right).

This series has wonderful illustrations that really give it a 1930’s set in modern times feel and quite honestly simply the best character names I have ever read.

Title: Lawrence Pinkley Mysteries
Author: Tim Flanagan
Illustrator: Dylan Gibson
Genre: Middle Grade Detective Fiction
Pages: 40-160
Ages: 8-18 (or 80 or 100)


My Review

The White Arrow Assassin (Lawrence Pinkley Mysteries Book 1)


In this short story Pinkley chances onto a path of chalk drawn white arrows that lead to the Abby. Along the way he encounters suspicious persons and cryptic clues. You can read my full review of this Easter themed activity book HERE  It is an easy short read that will intrigue young readers while making them laugh.


The Halloween Bandits (Lawrence Pinkley Mysteries Book 2)


Another great short story/activity book in which our hapless detective hasn’t got a clue. He and his dog buddy Gregory track a gang costume bedecked thieves to a local old folks home, but did he follow the clues correctly? Loads of fun for junior detectives




 The Curious Disappearance of Professor Brown: Hilarious Detective Book For Preteens

In this full length novel, Pinkley is hired to find the missing Professor Brown. As he investigates he finds that the case isn’t what he thought it was, and no one is who they seem to be.

The longer story is bit more enjoyable than the short stories in that there is plenty of room for more zany characters. I swear there is not a single normal person to be found anywhere in Whitby, but they are all fun to read. Pinkley is lovable in his teenage homage to the Mike Hammer narrations and the ending is pure cliche fun. Teen and pre-teen mystery buffs will definitely enjoy it.



Lawrence Pinkley’s Casebook. Vol. 1: Hilarious Detective Book For Preteens

Included in this casebook are three short stories: The Mystery of the Vanishing Fish, The Case of the Purple Christmas Goose, and Murder at Figglesworth Hall. The solving of said cases would make Pinkley’s pop culture detective heroes proud.


other books


The Mystery of Van Gogh’s Missing Heart: Hilarious Detective Book For Preteens

51oIHSZ9lfL._AC_US327_QL65_Pinkley’s skills are called into play once again in another case in his reluctant career.

Teenager Lawrence Pinkley unwillingly inherits his father’s Private Detective Agency on the cold north east coast of England. Despite not knowing the first thing about solving crimes, except from what he’s been able to pick up by reading Sherlock Holmes books and watching endless reruns of Columbo, his reputation as a successful Private Investigator is growing.

But, when Hollywood comes to town, Pinkley stumbles into the path of the dangerously disturbed Doctor Ubel who could quickly put an end to Pinkley’s short career, as well as his life. Meanwhile, Pinkley is employed to find a painting by Van Gogh that has mysteriously disappeared from a locked safe that appears totally impregnable. Pinkley must use all his cunning and limited intellect to find the painting whilst out foxing Doctor Ubel.


Lawrence Pinkley’s Casebook Vol 1 & 2: Colour Edition

51m9Kx8JhFL._AC_US327_QL65_Eighteen year old Lawrence Pinkley is Whitby’s greatest Private Detective. In fact, he’s Whitby’s only Private Detective.
The first and second volumes of Lawrence Pinkley’s casebook, compiled in one book. Pinkley shares six of his comical mysteries with us, accompanied as always by amazing artwork by Dylan Gibson.

The short stories mentioned above are all included in addition to Murder on The Dorient Express

On amazon this is available in paperback only, but based on the stories I have read, it would make a great gift for budding young detectives who enjoy a bit of wit.


Auhtor61Udml1-gtL._UX250_At some point in Tim’s childhood, he was abducted by aliens and sent on a voyage of knowledge and discovery across the universe. Eventually the aliens realised how pointless this was and, as a failed student, he was returned to Earth and left with a family who brought him up as a human bean. But, the persistent memories of new worlds, dragons and other creatures, continued to knock at his frontal lobe, desperately trying to break out. To avoid making a mess and calm his imagination, Tim began writing as a way to communicate with Earthlings. Fueled by Chili and Nachos and a bottle of wine, Tim manages to balance a love of loud rock music and fast cars (preferably red!) with emotional chic flicks, smart leather shoes and a well tailored suit. He has successfully infiltrated the humans and hides behind the façade known as a family. He learns from his children, but is regularly told to stop acting like a child by his wife. Naturally shy and unsociable by nature, he is selective of the human company he keeps, preferring to be around old books,


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