Spooky Stories: Moore Zombies Series Spotlight



51v9kpFWsBL Moore Zombies Series

Author: Wendy Knuth
Genre: Children /  Halloween
Pages: average pages 30 – 80
Recommended Ages: 3-10

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My Review

If you are a parent, chances are you are quite familiar with the concept of the undead bloodthirsty zombie of television, movie and video game fame. Prepare to be surprised. The Moores are a family of zombies that are the kind of kids you would be thrilled for your own kids to play with and the only thing they thirst for is tomato juice. Gothina is the oldest with penchant for collecting, and wearing as fashion accessories, creepy crawlies. Her brother Boheimer is a bit of nerd, while brother Kamper is messy and loves to camp. Finally there is Baby Zom who is quite strong for her age. There is also Mombie, and Pop who works at Zombie World scaring folks with his Human costume. They are just your average everyday family enjoying average family adventures.


I found these books to be loads of fun with the right amount of whimsicality. They are a kind of modern take on the Munsters with their point of view that Humans are the scary ones while replete with creepiness. The stories are well written with a sense of fun and will be enjoyed by young readers and parental readers alike. The full page artwork is eerily fantastic;  pure zombie-ness without the eww factor. For really young kids there might be concern with decomposing faces or a bit of open wounds, however the effect is decidedly more Monster High than Walking Dead

5 stars



8609907.jpgWendy Knuth thought that zombies were getting a bad rap. What’s more likely, a human apocalypse or a zombie apocalypse? Well, now there is a kinder, gentler zombie family. These zombies don’t like blood, but they love tomato juice! Thanks to Wendy, now you can see things from the zombie’s perspective.

After playing video games with her children, Wendy Knuth was inspired to write books about zombies for kids. She hopes that humans of every age will enjoy reading these books as much as she loves writing them. Wendy is happily married to an old, bald guy, and they live in Arizona, where they continue to raise their two zoners.

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