Rhyming Reads For Children’s Book Week


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Title/Author: Happy Hat Day: A silly rhyming picture book by Gerald Hawksley
Pages: 30
Ages: 0-5


Hat Day

When your baby is 13 and still loves hats of all kinds, this book seriously resonates! The book has been around a while and I will admit I only picked it it up because my kid has a stack of hats on his bedside table that would make Dr. Seuss proud. This is a book that my munchkin would have enjoyed time and time again when he was little. Colorful silly illustrations with fun characters tell the story  of the Happy Hatster and his quest to bring hats of all kinds to head bare citizens. Children will simply delight in this tale and demand to share it again and again. Perfect for pre-school bedtime stories and the rhyming prose is great for early sight readers.

Our hats are bent!
Our hats are old!
Our heads are bare!
Our heads are cold!
We all need new hats, it’s clear!
Thank goodness Happy Hat Day’s nearly here.




Title: I Love Being Free (Lolli’s Happy Heart Rhymes Book 1) by Elena Paige
Pages: 30
Ages: 4-9

This is a book of kid size poems, defining kid sized thoughts, illustrated by terrific, quirky, crunchy colors. The rhyming stanzas  are easy for kids to read and to understand. They cover simple thoughts from waking up to telling the truth to simply going outside to play.  I believe it is a wonderful start to the three book cycle. It is currently available on kindle for free.




Title: Potty and Lottie: Rhyming Potty Book For Children 1-4 years by Ksenia Walker
Pages: 36
Ages: 1-4

This a sweet book for that might work quite well for potty training. I personally found the rhyming just a bit awkward, but I have a feeling that most toddlers wouldn’t mind. Boys might feel a bit left out by the story line, however girls should identify fairly easily and I imagine that a few bedtime stories with Lottie would make potty training, if not easier, at least more more fun for all involved.




Title: Mia the Dragon kids books sets ages 2-4  by Leela Hope
Pages: 94
Ages: 2-4

A charming box set of short rhyming stories with feel good life lessons starring colorful characters that children ages 2-4 will identify with. Beautifully illustrated, it also comes with activity pages you can sign up for.

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