#MondayMysteries Cruise Ship Mystery Box Set 1

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Title/Author: Cruise Ship Mystery Box Set 1 By Hope Callaghan
Genre: Cozy Mystery, Christian
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Date of publish: April 2017
Pages: 731








Cruise Ship Cozy Mystery Box Set 1
Cruise Ship Christian Cozy Mysteries Box Set I (Books 1-3)


BOOK 1: Starboard Secrets
BOOK 2: Portside Peril
BOOK 3: Lethal Lobster

BOOK 1: Starboard Secrets

Millie Sanders’ happily ever after is suddenly destroyed when her husband of 35 years comes home one day and informs her that he is leaving her for another woman. To make matters worse, the other woman happens to be her “friend” and hairdresser, Delilah Osborne!

After months of mourning and moping around the house, she stumbles upon a help wanted ad in the newspaper for the perfect job as an assistant cruise ship director. Before Millie can talk herself out of it, she fills out the application and mails it in. Much to her surprise, not only does the company contact her, they hire her!

Determined to start a new life and new career, Millie boards the ship, ready for a new adventure. She isn’t on board the massive floating city – her new home – more than ten minutes when a dead body is discovered near the atrium bar.

Her curiosity gets the best of her and before she knows it, Millie finds herself right in the thick of the investigation. With a little help from a new friend and shipmate, the amateur sleuth discovers that the deceased had more enemies than friends making this murder an even tougher case to crack.

Will Millie delve too deeply and risk losing her job – and possibly her life?

BOOK 2: Portside Peril

Millie Sanders has settled into her new position as assistant cruise director of the Siren of the Seas and is loving every minute of the adventure and excitement.

A fresh wave of passengers have just boarded, and as the deck party gets into full swing, a frantic cry of man overboard is shouted over the loudspeakers.

Millie rushes towards the crowd that has gathered on the portside upper deck and watches in horror as the ship’s crew desperately tries to save a young man who has just gone over.

On board investigators believe it’s a clear cut case of vacation suicide, but Millie isn’t convinced. Her suspicions are confirmed when she discovers the fiancé of the poor deceased man received a threatening note.

The mystery deepens and the list of suspects grows when Millie discovers some of the friends who boarded with the young couple may have had reason to push him over, and that is just the beginning!

BOOK 3: Lethal Lobster

Assistant Cruise Director, Millie Sanders’ day is off to a shockingly bad start when her boss “volunteers” her to be his Guinea pig for a stun gun self-defense class in front of her fellow shipmates. Loyal to a fault, she agrees but almost immediately regrets her decision.

Meanwhile, several crew members have become violently ill and possibly on the verge of death after eating food prepared from the galley kitchen, operated by her best friend, Annette Delacroix. It soon becomes clear that someone is out to sabotage her friend and may be willing to go as far as murder.

Millie dives in to the new mystery head first as she and her friend, Cat, try to salvage Annette’s career and stop the saboteur before someone is murdered – or is it already too late?

My Review

Leo Review sm

Millie Sanders finds herself starting a new life after her private detective husband  finds another woman. On a whim she applies and is accepted for the position of assistant cruise ship director. Not sure what to expect from her new job, the death of a shop clerk sure wasn’t on her list. While trying to fit into her new job, her innate curiosity pushes her to investigate the poor girl’s death and thus begins her adventures. Millie’s finds that she has more skill as an investigator than she thought as through this box set she investigates murders and helps her new friends. She finds she also has a talent for being a cruise director much to her surprise.

Love Boat, this is not, but it is a load of fun and keeps the reader thorough entertained, bouncing back and forth between life on board a cruise ship and the mysteries that Millie finds herself entangled with. Millie surrounds herself with a zany, often lovable cast of characters and there is a push to want to know more about these people as the books continue.

These are listed as Christian books, this is a label I generally avoid in books because while I do have my faith, I don’t enjoy being preached at in my fiction, which is often what I find in books of this genre. For those that might feel the same way, Millie’s faith is simply another facet of her character which she occasionally chooses or is asked to share with those closest to her. No agenda, no preaching.

I have only read the first three book (in one sitting, I might add) but all are available from Kindle Unlimited and I am certainly looking forward to the other six books.

5 stars


Hope CallaghanHope Callaghan is an author who loves to write Christian Cozy Mysteries & Mystery/Suspense books.

Born and raised in a small town in West Michigan, she now lives in Florida with her husband. She is the proud mother of one daughter, a stepdaughter and stepson.

When she’s not doing the thing she loves best…writing books…she enjoys cooking, traveling, and reading books.

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