List of Fun Children’s Books for Easter


Title/Author: Jane Helps the Easter Bunny by Betty Palatin
Genre: Children, Picture Book, Easter
Publisher: Blue Owl Publishing
Date of publishing: April 2014
Pages: 24
Recommended Ages: 2-5


Jane Helps the Easter Bunny

Leo Review sm

In this picture book, Jane and the Easter Bunny visit a farm to collect eggs then they and their friends find fun ways to decorate them. Young children will be absolutely delighted by the wonderfully textured, vibrantly colored illustrations on every page and by the wonderful rhyming prose. At the back of the book is a fun activity and ideas for coloring eggs.



Title/Author: The Easter Bunny
by Adam James, Illustrated by Polina Whitetail
Genre: Picture Book, Easter
Publisher:  Amazon Digital Services LLC
Date of publishing: February 2017
Pages: 18
Recommended Ages: 2-8


The Easter Bunny

Leo Review sm
This beautifully illustrated story told in enchanting rhymes has the Easter Bunny racing all year to make mountains of candy of all shapes, tastes, and colors only to run around the world in a day to hide eggs and give candy to a deserving kid. Little ones will delight in this story over and over.


Other Fun Easter Books:

Easter (Little Words Matter™)

The Easter Bully Transformation Project (Project Kids Adventures Book 5)

The Potato Bunny 

The Easter Bunny Leaves Easterville (Adventures in Easterville Book 1)

The Case of the Missing Eggs (Adventures In Easterville Book 2)

Kids’ Easter Word Puzzles: 30 Easter word puzzles and activities that are fun and a great learning tool   





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