#SaturdayStories -Meeting Moses: Have Fun Learning About The Old Testament


Title/Author: Meeting Moses: Have fun learning about the Old Testament (Meeting Bible Heroes Book 1) By Robert Chasin, Illustrated by Matt Roussel
40 Pages
Ages 3-10


C55Pn2VVAAAesM_Based on the Old Testament, Meeting Moses enchants and inspires children with the type of entertainment that children ages 5-8 have come to expect. The illustrations are truly beautiful and worthy of animation.

Parents will appreciate that Moses becomes an excellent role model for children to follow, even as a child. The author’s goal is to help children develop their own special relationship with God.

Title/Author: Meeting Moses: Have fun learning about the Old Testament (Meeting Bible Heroes Book 1) By Robert Chasin, Illustrated by Matt Roussel
40 Pages
Ages 3-10


Leo Review sm

In an age of instant gratification and knowledge at your fingertips, children often find it difficult to relate to the dusty old tales from the bible. If Meeting Moses is the shining example, then Robert Chasin and Matt Roussel may have just hit on a seriously creative approach to getting kids interested in Bible history with their “Meeting Bible Heroes Series”.

In meeting Moses, young Max finds himself with a time machine built by his scientist father and while test driving it around the backyard, he is catapulted back in time to when Moses was his age. In the ensuing adventure, Max and Moses bump around Moses’ timeline to see the major highlights, Learning God’s plan for him, all the while a young Ramses is plotting to steal the modern technology and use it for himself.

The high points of this book are the illustrations. They feel more like stills from an animated feature than pictures in a book and for the record, I believe that this idea would make a lovely animated series. The story itself doesn’t offer much in the way of biblical instruction but does provide a great jumping off point for in-depth discussion about Moses and his life and accomplishments. Moses and his contemporaries, though lost in antiquity, through this story can become quite accessible to modern children. That said, with my son and friends the discussion of this book was not about Moses, but rather their issues with the modern storyline- 1) The inexplicable time jump (eventually they were sorta willing to call divine intervention), 2) Max’s dad being willing to punish Max for the glitch jump on what he himself termed as a test ride and admitted to it not being Max’s fault, 3) and finally and most surprisingly, how using the rewind button to avoid punishment isn’t something one would expect to read in a biblically based storybook ( I kinda have to agree with that one).

I would certainly be willing to see new books in this series, as I do believe these gentlemen are onto something great. Max is a wonderful host for sharing bible heroes with modern kids.

I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review


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