Summer Reading List- Middle Grades pt 1

Keep your newly expert readers engaged this summer with these fun books and be on the lookout for more great book ideas this summer.

Liberty Frye and the Sails of Fate by J L McCreedy

For a middle-grade adventure, this story is remarkably well developed. Kudos to the author for not writing down to her audience. Not only does Libby have to deal with mastering, or not quite mastering, her newfound powers, but she is also dealing with struggles that come with simply being an eleven-year-old girl; like bra shopping, body changes, and changing relationships with her friends and within her family. It is nice to see a fantasy story where young women will be able to see themselves in the characters. …

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Buss From Lafayette by Dorothea Jensen



Middle-grade girls will immediately identify and relate with Clara. Despite the historical time gap, Clara’s life isn’t so different from theirs; Chores, boys, growing womanhood and greater responsibilities. Meanwhile, without even realizing it they will pick up an excellent education on the primary figures of the American Revolution, as well what life was like for kids their age in the early 1800’s. …

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WARRIOR KIDS: A Tale of New Camelot (The Knight Cycle Book 6) by Michael J Bowler



This book will find an audience, it is, after all, a well-written story as its many high rated reviews will attest to. It did make me curious about the series of books this is related to and it did do its job in making me think. …

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Bad Luck (The Bad Books) by Pseudonymous Bosch

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It is about Earth Ranch, a summer camp for kids with magical abilities set on a volcanic island with an obscure history and a personality of its own. In this tale, the campers must solve the mystery of certain cave drawings and discover a bit of history about their island because outsiders know about it, and them, and are after something, no one has dared to believe might still be there. It is up to Clay, with his newfound magical ability, and his friends to stop them any way they can. …

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