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On Twitter every now and then I see a meme for the quote “I was born with a reading list I will never finish.” It always makes me smile. I wasn’t actually born with a ready made reading list, but as soon as I understood that the lines and squiggles on a page can take me to magic places, the reading list began and it has been in charge ever since.

Something else I wasn’t born with is a trust fund. This simply means that for a book to make it from my “I sure wish I could read that book!” list, to my “Gonna get to it before I die, I promise!!” list, it can’t break the bank. I am really good at that part; lending libraries, used book stores, coupons, club cards, and book exchanges all help me keep in danger of not being able to fulfill the promise of that second list. I was actually keeping up rather well until I discovered the e-reader, after all, the inherent heaviness/bulkiness of books keeps the reading list either short or well maintained. Then I discovered a device the size of a candy bar that could hold thousands of books and my ‘gonna get to it’ list was probably sunk then and there. Still, being the determined (and ever curious about how it ends) person that I am, I haven’t given up. Every single day, a spectacular author publishes a well written tale full of engaging characters worthy of my emotional investment. It is simply my duty to see to it that all such books are read and shared with as many people as I can manage. Right?

There are many options to feed an e-book addiction as fantastic as mine is and I love finding new ways. The most obvious way is to stalk Amazon and snatch up the myriad of free and discounted books that are offered on a weekly basis. While that will get the job done, it is a lot of time and research and clicking and back tracking to find good amongst the rest. Several book promotion websites have cropped up to help those of us who simply can’t help themselves find a great deal on a great book. I was recently asked to post a promo about just such a website.

Banner Horizontal eBooks For Free 470 x 80 grey is great website for finding book bargains. It offers books featured on Amazon for free or $.99 in more than twenty categories. Readers can sign up for a email newsletter delivered three times a week with new bargains and authors can use the site to promote their kindle books. Among the information the newsletter provides is the genre of the book, price and time frame it can be expected to be found at the discounted price.

My biggest concern about sites like this, is the repeat factor on each of the newsletters having the exact same books. On one hand that makes sense as there are only just so many books available on sale at any given time, however I often wonder whether these sites use each other for research rather than scoping out unique finds of their own. I have been pleased with Ebooksforfreeinc. I have been a member of the site for about ten days now and I can I say that I have found it to be wonderful compliment to the various sites I already use and I will definitely continue to use this service.

Currently the website is offering a chance to win an Amazon Kindle Fire tablet to new subscribers

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