Book Review: The Magic of Esmerelda (Tuesday)

Title/Author: The Magic of Esmerelda (Tuesday) /Khristin Wierman
Genre: Children’s Picture Book
Publisher:Amazon Digital
Date of publish: April 2016
Pages: 33
Recommended Ages: 5-7
Book Links: Amazon / Goodreads / Riffle

About The Book:



It’s another day and another adventure for Esmerelda! On Tuesday, Esmerelda discovers a family of birds who are someplace quite unexpected. Thanks to the magic that Esmerelda conjures – kindness, compassion and the desire to help others – the birds get some special help.

Discover how Esmerelda’s magic is something we are all capable of creating. Help children learn how our everyday actions can have a profound impact on the beautiful world around us.

“Tuesday” is the second of the seven-part picture book series, “The Magic of Esmerelda”. Most appropriate for ages five to seven.

My Review:

This book is a prime example of why I enjoy getting suggestions from readers. Thanks Pam.

Esmerelda is magic, or at least magic happens when she is around. “The Magic of Esmerelda (Tuesday”) is the second in this children’s book series. It reads well as a stand alone.

Esmerelda and her friends spy a bird hiding behind the shutters and what follows is a sweet snapshot of the magic of nature. The girls find a nest and spend the next few weeks watching the parent birds care for their nestful of babies. Soon Esmerelda’s whole family is entranced with the spectacle.

This book is geared toward kids ages 5-7 and is written in easy language appropriate for the intended age group. It is of full simple lessons about how to interact with and enjoy wildlife. The delightful illustrations by Page Collins are simple and colorful and they bring the story to life.

5 stars

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About The Author:


Khristin Wierman lives in Oakland, California and Tucson, Arizona with her husband, step-son and two cats. Some things she really likes are the Golden State Warriors, Snoopy, Beatrix Potter stories, chocolate and yoga. She loves spending time with animals of any kind. The Magic of Esmerelda series is her first venture in writing children’s books.



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