A Month of Cozy: Hidden Body (Jo Durbin Mysteries Book 0)

Title/Author: Hidden Body (Jo Durbin Mysteries Book 0) / Norma Huss
Genre: Cozy Mystery
Date of publish: January 2016
Pages: 44
Book Links: Amazon / Goodreads / Barnes & Noble / Kobo / Riffle


Part of the Jo Durbin Mysteries Series:




My Review:


index hiddenJo and her sister Sylvie, visit a house for sale on a fact finding inspection for an up and coming open house. The situation becomes uncertain when the owner shows up unexpectedly and tries to put off the inspection for later in the week, then a neighbor stops by and thinks the house is owned by someone else. A quick investigation by the curious sisters lead to an assault victim hidden on the grounds and the investigation begins to turn up more questions than answers as the sisters begin to look into it further.

This was a fun read to open my Month of Cozy. I haven’t read Norma Huss before and I enjoyed her writing style. This prequel novelette seems like a great introduction to the Jo Durbin Series, at least it has me wanting to catch up on it. The sisters make a terrific investigative team and the interplay and dialogue between the two of them had me giggling on places. The secondary characters are colorful and well written. I would have given this a five except for the length, it just felt like the story was a little rushed. I anticipate that this won’t be an issue with the full length novels of the series.

The best part though is the sneak peek at the end of the Yesterday’s Body, which of course also whet my curiosity to continue reading the series.

4 stars

At the time of this posting this book is available for download on e-readers for free

Goodreads Summary:
A Prequel Novelette
Jo Durbin and her sister Sylvie visit a home for sale. When a black cat crosses their path, is it bad luck? Or, does the black cat lead to solving a crime?


About the Author: https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/5087868.Norma_Huss

5087868I call myself The Grandma Moses of Mystery. Although I’ve previously published short stories and articles, my first book was published a month before my eightieth birthday.

Why do I call myself the Grandma Moses of Mystery? The original Grandma Moses was an American folk artist who began painting in her late seventies. She created hundreds of rural scenes that eventually graced everything from greeting cards to curtains, cookie jars to coffee ads, and museum walls. She painted until her death at one hundred one years. Since my mother lived to the age of one hundred three years old, I have the genes to be just as active writing mysteries!

Author Links: Website / Twitter / Facebook / Blog



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