There Is No Excuse!


There is no excuse why you aren’t reading more. You know you want to.


  • You can’t get to the library/ You forget to take the books back
  • Books are too heavy/ bulky / or whatever
  • You just don’t have time
  • You want an e-reader but they are too expensive
  • You can’t afford new books
  • Insert Excuse Here ______



OMGoodness, stop whining already!

The truth is you can read e-books for free on your computer and your smart phone.

My personal favorite is Kindle on Amazon. My computer has over a 1000 books and because the app on my phone has a Kindle email address, I have dozens more available there. Okay,Given that I have other e-reader apps on my computer as well,  I may as well admit that I have a slight problem with book addiction.  The title of my blog should have clued that in.


If Kindle books aren’t your thing, there are apps available from ITunes, The Apple Store, GooglePlay, KOBO and Barnes and Noble (Nook) to just name a few. Many of these also offer options for audio books. All of those services also offer free and discounted titles. Plus there many sites, found easily by a quick search, like that also offer tons of really great books to read

Of course, if you haven’t alienated your library with overdue fees like I have, then almost all libraries do offer e-books and audio books for check out.


Now you just need to find the time. Easy. Trust me I do it all the time (how else can I manage to read so much). Having books in your phone or tablet is so handy (and easy on the back).


You are stuck *waiting; for the doctor, the laundry, the bus, for line at the post office to move; When the kids are at Little league practice (dance class or music lessons or tutoring); Road trips; Shredding away on the treadmill, elliptical or stationary bike; When the tv is on but you really aren’t paying attention to it anyway; Late at night when the family is snoring away; Even the bathroom- need I elaborate? The truth is your phone is probably in your hand already in all these instances. I think we both know that you would rather read Nora Robert’s latest book than Aunt Fanny’s Facebook drama.

*Note: It is illegal in many states to use your phone in the car while in the driver’s seat, so reading at an obnoxiously long red light is not recommended. (but you know you want to)

It is time to re-find the enjoyment you used to have in reading a book. Download that app and get to reading.





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