St. Patrick’s Day Fun: 3 Reviews

About the book:
Title/Author:St. Patrick & The Pirates / Will Day
Genre:Children Holiday
Publisher:  Amazon Digital  Services
Date of publish:
Pages: 6
Recommended Ages: 5-10

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About The Book:

51TwLHAh9xL._SX310_BO1,204,203,200_This is a fun story about the life of St.  Patrick. It offers some little known  facts about St. Patrick’s early life, and  is a terrific way to teach about the principles of hard work and forgiveness. The author suggests this book for grade school. I feel it might be fun for very young readers, but would work best as a bed time story. A nice way to close out or get ready for St. Patrick’s Day. The high point of this book is the art work. The brilliant illustrations will keep the attention of most kids and their parents will enjoy it too.

Goodreads Summary: Read the exciting adventure behind the legendary St. Patrick. Patrick is just your average prank-pulling kid, but his world get’s turned upside down when he’s abducted by Irish Pirates. Pat thought he was mean but now he has to put up with a rowdy bunch of Pirates. Pat discovers something new about himself and goes on to spread Christianity throughout Ireland.

This is the seldom heard story that every Elementary student should know. Based on real facts about St. Patrick and told in a very entertaining voice. Perfect to read out loud for all grades K-6 (Kindergarten to 6th). And of course, perfect for reading at bedtime. Kids who love pirates and parents who love to teach subtle moral principles will greatly be entertained by this book.

About the book:
Title/Author: St. Patrick’s Day for Kids!: Unique ideas and activities for enjoying the holiday with your family / Noah Thomas
Genre: Kid’s Non Fiction / Crafts
Publisher: Media Dial
Date of publish: March 2015
Pages: 32
Recommended Ages: 5-14
Book Links: Amazon / Goodreads /

About The Book:

As of posting, this book is available for free on Amazon Prime

51CHWaBkMCL._SX355_BO1,204,203,200_This book is filled with all kinds of great ideas to celebrate the Irish in all of us. Each section includes a craft or activity along with fun facts. Write a limerick, drink a green milkshake, Take  google maps tour of Ireland and lots of other fun stuff. This book is geared toward St Patrick’s Day. However, it is excellent for school projects, International Day or even just as a fun craft book.

Goodreads Summary: Connect with your kids by sharing in some holiday fun!
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Irish influence permeates all areas of our popular culture. From the gorgeous musical numbers in Once on Broadway to the remarkable eloquence of Frank McCourt’s memoirs, the whole of society reveres the wisdom and artistry found so abundantly in Ireland. Share this appreciation with your family by arranging to have an unforgettable St. Patrick’s Day observance this year.
This booklet contains a collection of St. Patrick’s Day themed activities that can help you and your family celebrate in style. Discover Irish authors! Grow your own Clover garden! Make your own Rainbow! Learn how to make the traditions and celebrations of Irish culture part of your own personal history and rejoice in the good fortune coming your way!


About the book:
Title/Author: To Catch A Leprechaun
Genre: Children’s/ Holiday
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services
Date of publish: February 2016
Recommended Ages: 3-6
Book Links: Amazon / GoodreadsRiffle

About The Book:

As this posting this book is available on Amazon for free

B01BZPA6NY-original.jpgWhat happens when a couple of clever kids with a love for magic decide to catch a leprechaun? All kinds of Hilarity. Kids will love reading this short story as the boys set a trap, decide on the perfect bait and  try and try again when things start to go hilariously wrong.

Goodreads Summary: It’s really tough to catch a leprechaun. Especially when Donovan and Junior’s sisters get in the way.

A 1,800-word children’s fantasy short story.




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