5 Questions with Cynthia Kuhn

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Today I am sharing Cynthia Kuhn’s answers to her 5 Questions. Her writing has appeared in many publications and she is currently promoting her soon to be released book “Semester of our Discontent”. You can click on the link to see our review.

About The Author:

Cynthia Kuhn teaches and writes in Colorado. Her work has appeared in McSweeney’s Quarterly Concern, Literary Mama, Copper Nickel, Prick of the Spindle, Mama PhD and other publications. She is the current president of Sisters in Crime-Colorado and blogs with Mysteristas. Visit her at cynthiakuhn.net or @cynthiakuhn


Author Links: Website / Mysteristas / Facebook / Twitter / Goodreads / Amazon


5 Questions:

What is an underrated book, series or author that you think everyone should read?

Cynthia- Carol Goodman. I wouldn’t call her underrated, but I just don’t think she has been discussed or celebrated as much as she deserves to be! She has written a terrific bunch of stand-alone academic mystery/suspense novels and a YA fantasy series set at a school (Blythewood). As Juliet Dark, she published another fantasy series set at a school (Fairwick Chronicles) and as Lee Carroll, she and her husband wrote an urban fantasy series (Black Swan Rising). I would highly recommend them all.

Lian- I have heard of the Fairwick Chronicles, but I haven’t read them.

What would your dream library look like?

It would be open and airy with soaring arches and carved embellishments everywhere…a sort of cheery Gothic feel, if that could be a thing. Shelves up to the ceiling with sliding ladders. Lots of window seats with thick cushions and club chairs scattered about in nooks, so you can curl up and lose yourself in your reading. Plus: a latte machine.

-I can totally see it. That would be a grand library!

What is your all time favorite book or author?

It’s a tie!
· Alias Grace by Margaret Atwood, which is an amazing piece of historical fiction based on an actual double murder that took place in Canada in the mid-19th century. The “Grace” of the title was a 16-year-old accused of participating in the murder, but she claims to have amnesia, so the book focuses on conversations between Grace and a doctor who is trying to get her to remember what happened. I love the book so much that I wrote a chapter about it in my dissertation and have taught it several times since.

· The Princess Bride by William Goldman. Since the film came out, pretty much everyone knows the story…but the book is even better!

-My mom has been trying to get me to read The Princess Bride forever. It is one of her most favorite books.

Name three fun facts about you or your work.

· The idea for Semester came to me about 15 years before I started writing it.
· The book was originally called Lectured to Death.
· I was in the movie Kansas as an extra. If you know where to look in the film, you can see me clapping onscreen for two whole seconds…

-Being in a movie sounds like fun, even for just two seconds.

How do you avoid or defeat writers block?

I don’t know if I believe in actual blocks—in the sense of yawning blankness. I know there are periods of resistance that happen, for any number of reasons. But writing is like any other journey…if you start going and you don’t stop, you’ll get somewhere eventually.

-Terrific answer!


Thanks so much to Cynthia Kuhn for answering my questions and for her words of encouragement. You can find her books at Amazon and other retailers.


Semester of Our Discontent will be released on April 5 and is available for pre-order.Book Links: Amazon The Semester of Our Discontent (A Lila Maclean Mystery) (Volume 1) / Goodreads / Barnes & Noble / Riffle / IndieBound / Kobo / ITunes







If you are interested in answering 5 Questions of your own, leave a comment HERE or contact us on twitter at @ireadwhatuwrite or @summeroffunblog


  1. Thanks so much, Lian, for the opportunity to answer your great questions. I appreciated your comments…and I hope you decide to read The Princess Bride (all of it is wonderful, but you might especially like the part where Mr. Goldman talks about writing). Wishing you the best in your writing endeavors!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. My whole family loves the movie. Mom insists that the book has so much character it is a definite must read.


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