#readCPL2016 Reading Challenge


Not Another Reading Challenge?


I am not quiet about the fact that I think my local library is just about the coolest library ever. It offers the kinds of programs and services that would make a huge metropolitan library flinch. It even has an art gallery.  I wouldn’t be able to run my business or even post on this blog without this awesome place. Of course, it also has books. I know, right?

Real paper books that everyone can read just by stopping in and grabbing a chair in reading ‘lounge’ or in the teen hangout or by getting a library card and checking them out by the dozen!

Of course there are e-books, movies and music to check out and a huge ↑book store ↑ ( I told you this place is great)

So anyway, this year they are running a reading challenge, sponsored by the city with prizes even, and  it would seem that I am going to be obsessed with reading challenges this year (I am already tracking four of them and enjoying every second of it). I like this one though because it does have a large varied topic list and, of course, it reflects on the Corona community. I challenge my wonderful followers to join in. If you call Corona CA home, then stop  by The Library, Senior Center, Circle City Center or City Hall and pick up the topics and be sure to post on the CPL Facebook page with your results (There are prizes on the line folks!) Here is a link to the rules and topics http://www.coronapubliclibrary.org/CoronaPublicLibrary/media/Public-Internet-Home-Page/Reading-Challenge-final-copy.pdf

For the rest of you, most I know, enjoy the fun reading topics and see how many of the 75 you can read before next year. I have already come close to 10 in just a couple of weeks, but then I read books for a living, so that probably isn’t surprising.



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