Book Series Spotlight: Biome War Scrolls by Christopher Craft

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About The Series:

About the book:
Title/Author: Biome War Scrolls- The Smoking Box / Christopher Craft
Genre:Mincraft Fan Fiction / Fantasy
Publisher: Looking 4
Date of publish: September2009
Pages: 112
Recommended Ages: Middle Grades
Book Links: Amazon Biome War Scrolls: The Smoking Box (Volume 1) / Goodreads / Barnes & Noble / Riffle

51ehEWHBxwL._UY250_“Deep in the heart of the Biomines, a secret smolders in the darkness. What lay inside the smoking box? Only legends tell of the wonders of its contents, save for the promise of adventure.

Follow Domino, the wary but brave remains of a once great soldier, to the depths of the mines and beyond—through scorching desert, frigid tundra, and perhaps, even, the End, as he searches for the answer to the smoking box—and the 8 keys that will reveal it to him. ”

Grab a copy today and join an adventure you never knew could exist!


About the book:
Title/Author: Biome War Scrolls- The Weaving Webs of War / Christopher Craft
Genre: Minecraft Fan Fiction / Fantasy
Publisher: Looking 4
Date of publish: September 2015
Pages: 116
Recommended Ages:  Middle Grades
Book Links: Amazon Biome War Scrolls: The Weaving Webs Of War (The Biome War Scrolls ) (Volume 2) / Goodreads / Barnes & Noble / Riffle

51VwUO60ETL._UY250_ Domino is dead, and that is only where our story begins!

Directly following events of “The Smoking Box,” the epic adventure for the fate of the Biome and the quest for the Smoking Box continues.

Enter Sack, the eight-legged hero who picks up the torch where the fearless Domino left off. His mission: spy on Skopi, leader of the Scorpions, bane of the spider mob, and if he can—kill him.

Across a vast desert, Sack must endure countless obstacles and enemies: warring mobs, crawling Creepers, and hungry hawks, in order to save his people, secure the safety (fate) of the Biomes, and his own neck. Can this tiny spider do it all? Stay tuned!

Adventure abounds in the continuing story of the Biome War Scrolls! Complete the series and grab the Biome War Scrolls box set today! And your bonus at the end of the book!


About the book:
Title/Author: Biome War Scrolls- The Arson Army
Genre: Minecraft Fan Fiction/ Fantasy
Publisher: Looking 4
Date of publish: January 2016
Pages: 96
Recommended Ages: Middle Grades
Book Links: Amazon The Biome War Scrolls: The Arson Army (An Unofficial Minecraft Series) / GoodreadsRiffle

51N52Wb0XTL._UY250_The mob wars rage on.

Even far to the north, in the frozen wasteland of ice and magic, the witches who inhabit it have not escaped its touch. It is here, in this frosty wasteland where a young witch by the name of Wenda becomes entangled with the politics and reality of war.

Abandoned and alone, cut off from her family, young Wenda is thrust into the adventure of a lifetime. Joining our faithful hero Sack, the indomitable spider who has defied all odds and kept his neck so far, the two embark on a mutual mission to keep the great smoking box closed, and the future of the Biome safe.

Will Wenda find her parents? What will be the fate of the mysterious smoking box? Does the young witch and tiny spider have what it takes to save their world?

Don’t miss the exciting conclusion to the legendary series: the Biome War Scrolls! Grab a copy now!


Purchase Link: Box Set: The Biome War Scrolls – Buy 2 get 1 Free!: 3 Book Set (Unofficial Minecraft Series ) Amazing Minecraft Adventures!


About The Author: Christopher Craft

Website / Facebook / Twitter
81V3ccsQ4eL._UX250_Christopher Craft loves gaming! He has played a ton of games. He loves letting his imagination run wild when he is building in Minecraft or defending against attacks in Clash of Clans.

He holds nothing back when gaming, just like in his adventures! So come along and immerse yourself in epic quests that will take you into realms only ever imagined.

All these amazing stories came to life through Christopher’s dreams. From Minecraft to Clash… from Angry Birds to League… there are no limits to his dreams or his imagination!

The Obsidian Knights Adventure Series takes you on a fantastical journey filled with Intergalactic Dragons… Knights from an Ancient Order… Worlds formed before the foundations of time… The universe you know is not all that there is, as you will soon discover!

Minecraft Fan Fiction Parodies are one of his favorites! He has always wondered what they might try and tell us if they could. So come along and venture into galaxies and alternate game realities.

Fit for all ages.

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