Book Spotlight: Betrayal 2 by Lady Harris

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I Read What You Write is Proud to spotlight the new release, ‘Betrayal 2: Detective Exposed’. Come back later this week to read our review and see the author’s answers to 5 Questions.

About the book:
Title/Author: Betrayal 2- Detective Exposed
Genre: Mystery / Thriller
Publisher: Create Space
Date of publish: December 2015
Pages: 272
Book Links:
Amazon / Betrayal 2: Detective Exposed / Goodreads / Barnes & Noble  / Riffle / Booklikes

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About the Book:
FRONT_COVERDetective Crystal Winters is caught between her loyalty to the force and $50,000 in hush money she received after witnessing a murder. Fresh off a case she was advised to let go, she fell into the sight of Stone, a well know kingpin in Buffalo, New York. After no success with trying to break Detective Winters; They present her with evidence of her working the rogue case and accepting hush money. Detective Winters is on a mission to bury Stone and clear her name. The deeper she digs into Stone’s past, the more people she discovers have been in his pocket.

Detective Johnson is haunted by an 11-year old case. When the medical examiner find s a shell casing at a recent crime scene, Detective Johnson disappears.

After suffering years of abuse at the hands of other men, Shawna finds the love of her life: Johnny Boy. He spoils her with gifts and all the attention she could ever desire. That is until she finds him in bed with another woman and the tables turn. His true intentions with Shawna are revealed. The pain is overwhelming and leads her to commit murder.


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