Guest Post: Tears Of Glass by David Lake

About The Book:
Title/Author: Tears of Glass / David lake
Genre: Mystery / Thriller / Suspense
Publisher: Amazon Digital
Date of publish: June 2015
Pages: 293
Book Links: Amazon US / Amazon UK / Goodreads

About The Author:
Website:  / Facebook / Twitter

Picture1David lake has a background in Science and the Record Industry.
Both facets are represented in Tears Of Glass which was first published in 1994 and re-published as an eBook in 2015
‘ The World’s First Interactive Book ‘
according to Publishing News as this is the first book ever to have its own soundtrack as part of the narrative.
A number of other ‘Firsts ‘include the promotion of rock music in English Cathedrals and of launching Vangelis at the Royal Albert Hall.
He lives with his family near London.


TEARS OF GLASS  – David Lake

 ‘ The World’s First Interactive Book’ – Publishing News



You MUST read this. A first for the publishing industry and a project unique to the world of literature.  When have a few bars of music come into your head and then memories flooded in after it ?  This book combines the intense pleasures of reading and listening in a brilliant and seamless narrative, the original tracks enhancing the moods and direction of the plot.
The music can be played at the same time the characters hear it and you become drawn into their world -within the page, not just on it.
[ Some devices cannot play music and therefore it is now available on the website as well as from ebook links ]

The main character, Morgan, a directionless, shallow individual, finds redemption in the songs of a struggling songwriter and the love of a stranger on a train. But underscoring this road to self -discovery is a fast- moving chase and run thriller based of real events and the premise that the USA and Western Europe is about to face a nuclear Armageddon.
This book works on many levels in addition to its unique literary concept.

Here is a small sample of the media reaction :

‘ A wonderful, Scintillating, Package in which words and music speak to the heart and mind about the importance of truth and of love and of honesty.’

‘The Pioneering Paranoia California Thriller ‘
Sunday Times

‘ Three parts BIG SLEEP to Two Parts WILT’

‘Raymond Chandleresque’
BBC Morning Radio

‘ Easy Rider meets Dr Strangelove ‘
BBC Local Radio

‘Superb Singer/ Songwriter’
Time Out
‘ Like eating a particularly nice fruit and smelling it at the same time.’

‘ Lake’s Timeless Masterpiece ‘
Hush Hush Biz

‘ Deeply involved and impeccably phrased ‘
The Scotsman

‘ Darkly humorous, but often lyrical, even in the midst of mayhem’
BBC Local Radio

‘A seminal work of great importance’

‘ Full of characters that are almost Dickensian in their extremes . If the central premise is correct, I’m heading for the hills’
Independent Local radio

‘The central character, Morgan, is a drinking. smoking, womanising, moron, but inside he’s a true romantic, almost a renaissance man. Can’t help liking him, but would never admit to it.’
Independent Local radio

Irvin Kershner,  Director Star Wars – The Empire Strikes Back
Kershner felt that the two male and one female protagonists in Tears of Glass reflected his trio in the Star Wars series;  Solo, Luke and Leia. Both sets are pitted against overwhelming Governmental forces and underpinning the narrative is the possibility of global annihilation.


David Lake’s incarnations include Scientific Research and the Record Industry. Both influences are apparent in Tears of Glass as well as the fact that he seems to thrive on being the first in a number of fields.
Apart from the fact that Tears of Glass is the ‘World’s first interactive book, ‘ he was the first to produce Rock Concerts in English Cathedrals –  Yorkminster, Liverpool and Coventry, Tony Palmer filming the latter for the BBC. He was the first to bring Vangelis to the UK and promote him at the Royal Albert Hall and also Sparks played their first UK gig at one of his clubs.
He was also instrumental in resurrecting David Crosby’s career by bringing him to London from California and persuading him to perform live and solo for six shows.
He was the Marketing Manager for Virgin Records from Mike Oldfield to the Sex Pistols as well as having a small label of his own and a small Film and TV production company, which received a TV Bafta.  The songwriter Paul Millns also has a Bafta for TV Film Music.
David Lake lives near London with his family, but has spent time in the US, Europe and Russia.

The idea for the book, the catalyst which sparked the decision to get down and write, was made up of a number of elements. My long term admiration for the music of Paul Millns, his voice, musicianship and the beautiful songs. He writes and performs from the heart and soul and if you have not yet experienced his work you are in for a treat.
He represents the hopes, fears and loves of the common man and his distaste for those who seek control over our lives.
The world changing events of the eighties were another factor. President Reagan’s drive for a ‘ Star Wars ‘ anti-missile shield was trumpeted in the media, but was never implemented. The Cold War ended and the Berlin Wall came down. Communism was defeated.
In the late eighties, twenty two British scientists all working on ‘Star Wars’ related projects, met with fatal ‘ Accidents’ and the Pentagon was worried. These events, together with a conversation overheard in Whitehall, started a fermentation process in my mind which I felt I had to work through. I found myself leaning on the songs of Paul for support and both he and his music ended up on the page.
This book is therefore  a very personal journey and I was never sure where it would end up. The publisher liked the immediacy this created and minimal editing took place. Not sure this was a good idea, but I was happy to go along with this approach. I insisted that the recorded tracks were not necessarily the finished product and they mainly consist of Paul’s demos recorded on a small machine in his spare room!
Again, I hope the whole package retains this freshness of the moment and although I wince at some of the passages, there are one or two that I’m pleased with.
Method Writing !
I was interviewing and researching as I was writing, resulting in a growing awareness and unease at the picture being created. The final denouement was profoundly shocking and I hope those in power in the Western World will take steps to render safe, the situation the book exposes.
I’m being deliberately obtuse and therefore ungainly in trying not to reveal the ‘ Big Idea ‘ and I know reviewers to date have done the same. However, this puts me in a Catch 22 situation, in that the book is an expose of a conspiracy the CIA have had in place since the early eighties – BUT I can’t tell you what it is as I don’t want to spoil your journey.

Amazon feels this would make a great Audiobook as it reads almost like a Film treatment. They generally discourage background music or sound effects in their Audiobooks as people find it too distracting. However, in this case , they are excited about the way in which the music and lyrics are integrated into the narrative.  The CIA even discover a message in the music. – The message is ALWAYS in the music.
So – we have another FIRST. The first Audiobook to feature a series of music tracks embedded in the storyline. Now you readers are the FIRST to know.
The Audiobook will be available around March.

-David Lake



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