Happy Birthday Momma!

momAs I get older I have come to realize that you always need your mommy. I am old enough to have grandbabies (heaven forbid) and I still miss having mine. Little did she know that when she passed on to me her love of books and her talent for sucking up words, that I would use those traits to race my Kindle’s estimated reading time. I am sad that she didn’t live long enough to hold a thousand books in her pocket. When she lost her eyes, she had her books on tape, but the quantity and quality of audio books available would have had her believing she was in heaven.

thOne of her first gifts to me was a set of Collier’s Junior Classics.  They came with the encyclopedia my parents bought for me. Lost over the long decades to much sadness. Not long ago I found the complete set at my local Friends of the Library and was able to gift the set to my son. She truly would have enjoyed watching him make new memories from books that she and I shared so often when I was young. She also would have enjoyed the concept of a fully updated encyclopedia at her fingertips given how many times she packed and unpacked that 24 volume encyclopedia plus year books.


I think she would be happy with the world of technology that I live in. I know she would love how I spend my days. She had her Friday lunch time book club to share her opinions on the books she was always reading. My opinions get to stretch across the world.

Thanks Mom. I Love You. I Miss You. Happy Birthday!

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