Book Review: Blood Tide: Book Two Of The Aquarius Rising Trilogy by Brian Burt

About the book:
Title/Author: Blood Tide: Book Two Of The Aquarius Rising Trilogy / Brian Burt
Genre: Science Fiction, Speculative Fiction
Publisher: Double Dragon eBooks
Date of publish: August 2015
Pages: 259
Book Links: Amazon / Goodreads / Barnes & Noble

26106423In this epic sequel to Aquarius Rising: In the Tears of God, Megalops, an Aquarian, is driven to madness and revenge by the loss of his family to the redeemers and their Medusa Plague. He finds a way to join with a living reef and spread his quest for revenge throughout the Mother Ocean. Ocypode, Sapiens and their friends must enlist the aid of Elise Leonidas, the ex-wife of Edmund Bryce. They hope with her help to re-engineer the redeemer nanobots to do their job properly and reclaim the planet without sacrificing the ocean. Before they can put their plan into action Megalops unleashes his Vendetta Vaccine on the world using living beings as the carriers. Furthermore he has corrupted his own people and the ocean’s creatures to carry out his misguided plan, leaving Aquarius in a bloody civil war. As the resistance fights to keep Aquarius from imploding they must deal with the contingencies he has put into place and the legitimate anger Aquarians feel for the damage done to them and their loved ones by the surface dwellers. It would seem that all out war between the land and ocean is inevitable.

Much like with book 1 of this cycle, I was sucked in hard and fast. It is impossible to not feel the pain and anger of the Aquarians, even knowing that only a few were its cause. It is impossible to not feel the fear and the anger of the surface dwellers who want only to have their planet back to sustainability. This is not a book that is read, much like the joining with the living reefs, it is a physical connection. The characters are so well developed as to not even be characters, but old friends telling their stories. I simply can’t wait to read book 3.

5 stars

I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review

Goodreads Summary: Sequel to Aquarius Rising: In the Tears of God, winner of the 2014 EPIC eBook Award for Science Fiction:

Megalops is an Aquarian, a human-dolphin hybrid who lives in one of the many reef-cities that thrive beneath the waves on an Earth ravaged by climate change. Some of the Humans who cling to the barren lands blame Aquarius for their plight and unleashed the Medusa Plague that entombed Megalops’s wife and daughter in stone. Tormented by that loss, Megalops dedicates everything to avenging his murdered family, no matter what the cost. He unleashes a Vendetta Virus as cruel and lethal as the Medusa Plague, a bio-weapon that transforms living Humans into Aquarian corpses.

Ocypode — one of the heroes who stopped the Medusa Plague — and his band of Human and Aquarian allies battle desperate odds to prevent Megalops from committing an act of genocide that will escalate into global conflict, dragging the Earth’s other humanoid species into the chaos. War demands sacrifice. If Mother Earth and Mother Ocean wage war against each other, will anyone survive?

Goodreads Author Info:

2918170I grew up in Fort Wayne, Indiana (a proud Hoosier!), and started making up stories at an early age to try to get myself out of trouble. After college, I worked as a software engineer and got to travel as a consultant for a while, even landing a 16-month gig in Dublin, Ireland, which was fantastic!

I finally got tired of airports and decided to settle down back in the Midwest, in Southwest Michigan. I couldn’t fight the writing bug and started submitting short fiction: science fiction, fantasy, and horror. (I loved them all and wasn’t very decisive.) In 1992 I got my big break as a writer, winning the Gold Award (grand prize) in the Writers of the Future Contest for “The Last Indian War.”

I met my wife of almost 20 years (who became my best friend and my main editor as well). We have three boys who tell wonderful, imaginative stories of their own whenever they’re in hot water. (Where did they learn that?) I’ve recently made the (scary) leap from short fiction to book-length fiction: my first novel, “Aquarius Rising: In the Tears of God,” was recently released from Double Dragon Publishing. This is Book 1 of a trilogy, so I have my work cut out for me. (Do you know how hard it is to write a novel on an iPad at an AYSO soccer game or a middle school band recital? 😉

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