Top Of The Blog To You w/e 1-24-2016

Hello All!

Hope 2016 is treating you better than it is me. Between cranky computers, defiant internet and a flu that seems to have taken permanent residence in my house I am not getting nearly as much accomplished this month as I would have liked. It actually feels like nothing is getting done.

I am however overjoyed to see the response to this week’s blog. It is a warm feeling to know that even though I can’t seem to move forward as fast as I would like I have the support of so many regular visitors. Below are the posts that received the most traffic in the last week. I hope you enjoy reading about these authors as much as I have enjoyed sharing them.




Book Review: The Struggle Within by Rebecca Jayne Heipel Reading this thriller story of a young woman whose life is imploding as she is being stalked is a great way to spend afternoon.

Alphabet Soup Reading Challenge I am having a blast with this challenge. It is truly the saving grace of my dismal month. Lian has decided to try his hand at it. Join in, you don’t need a blog. You can set up a Goodreads shelf or just post along with the fun members in the Facebook group.

Book Review: Early One Morning by Aubree Lane  The tale of Annie Harper and her best friend as they find their high school crush running a charter service on the island of Oahu. This charming love story about the importance of family is a must read.

Book Review: Point of No Return by Diana J. Febry I am not surprised to see this at the top of the list. I have seen wonderful feedback about this book all over the internet. It the story of country detective and his partner as they investigate a case that twists around on itself more than a coil of rope.



    1. I am glad to see that it is popular. Heck with as spotty as my internet has been to get stuff posted, I am just glad to see people stop by. Thanks for giving them a reason. =)


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