Book Review: Early One Morning by Aubree Lane

About the book:
Title/Author: Early One Morning / Aubree Lane
Genre: Romance
Publisher: Aubree Lane
Date of publish: September 2013
Pages: 360
Book Links: Amazon / Goodreads / Barnes & Noble

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51QGbcBSJzL._SX311_BO1,204,203,200_When Annie Harper’s best friend Marissa calls her from Oahu to tell her that she has found their high school crush while on vacation, Annie heads to the island post haste to keep her friend from doing something stupid. Little does Annie know that it is a decision that will change his life and force her to confront her worst insecurities. If they can keep it together, the future is looking to be a happy one.

This was not a typical “Love” story. Sure it has all the elements of love at first sight, awkward misunderstandings and great sex, but there is nothing shallow or syrupy about it. This is the story about the love of family, the one you are born to and the ones who choose to be in your life. The characters are what drives this story. They leap off the page and shine in such grand detail that they are almost more interesting than the main story. You actually feel like part of the family, any of the families in this story. Intricate little plot twists keep the story fresh and compelling. It was a read ‘til you finish kind of book. Written with emotion and heart, it is sure to appeal to that hopeless romantic in all of us.

This bookworm awards “Early One Morning” 5 Tomes
5 stars

Amazon Summary: Under the guise of saving her best friend’s marriage, Annie Harper catches the red-eye out of LAX to Oahu. Less than twenty-four hours after hearing Marissa wanted to kiss their old high school crush, Annie sails away with the handsome owner of the Erika Rose excursion boat. She only meant to keep Terence Javier from locking lips with Marissa, but the moment she learns his little girl needs an advocate, Annie brings her friend back into the fray and destroys the remnants of Marissa’s anniversary vacation.

Caught between two women from the mainland, Terence Javier finds himself at a crossroad. Ten years ago, he had the dubious honor of having his high school photograph drooled on by Annie and Marissa’s choir class. If not for his daughter and the ensuing custody battle, he wouldn’t have given either woman more than an appreciative glance. When Marissa’s credentials check out, he has little choice but to accept the savvy lawyer’s offer of help. Knowing he’s walking a tightrope, Terence prays he can purge the beautiful Annie from his mind and keep the balled fist of Marissa’s jealous husband away from his nose.

Author Info:

IRWYW fiver 3



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