Top of the Blog To You: Week Ending 1/17

How is everyone today? Here we have the top three posts for last week. I totally appreciate having you stop by. Hope you enjoy these books and authors as much as I do.

Top Post

3. Winter Wonderland: An Olde Christmas Carol: A Storm Ketchum Tale This stand alone short “Christmas Carolesque” story is a terrific companion to the novel series.

2. Book Review: Social Engineer by Ian Sutherland This a smartly written short story intro to a series about a white hat computer hacker who does all that he has to, including being someone else, to get the job done. #FreeReads

1. Not surprisingly Book Review: The Girl From Berlin: Gruppenführer’s Mistress was at the top of the list this week. As an historical fiction novel it is superb. If you get the chance to read it I couldn’t recommend it more.

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