Book Review: The Icarus Prediction by R.D. Gupta

About the book:
Title/Author: The Icarus Prediction/ RD Gupta
Genre: Thriller
ISBN: 0692346724
Publisher: KadaMedia Publishing
Date of publish: August 2015
Pages: 271
Book Links: Amazon / Goodreads


61uf6bskwkL._SX311_BO1,204,203,200_In my opinion there are two kinds of super spy archetypes in literature. You have the  James Bonds with their bikini body cohorts, the super spy gadgets and fast expensive cars. Then you have the Jack Ryans with their accidental spy status, their ever unquestionable honor and super analytical brains dropping the pieces into place in the nick of time. Either are capable of filling your reading hours with international thrill and intrigue. All others will try with more or less success to emulate one or the other. Move over boys, Jarrod Stryker has come into his own.

The Icarus Prediction tells the tale of once disgraced CIA agent, now Wall Street up and comer Jarrod Stryker. He has applied his CIA training to Wall Street investing and is fast rising to the top. When a terrorist attack across the globe puts his world in jeopardy, he must fix it by using all that he knows and bend a few rules along the way. He just has to not put his trust in the wrong people along the way.

I suppose it will be no surprise that I enjoyed this book or that my favorite spy archetype is the nerdy-can-handle-himself-in-a-pinch kind of guy. This story showcases the ultimate in insider trading, still it was a blast a minute to read through. It is a gripping, keep you on your toes kind of book. The story moves fast from the get go with its allusional foreshadowing in Beirut, right through to the twists at the end. It is scary at how believable it is. Jarrod Stryker will stand tall in pantheon of literary super spies.

This bookworm awards “The Icarus Prediction” 5 Tomes

5 stars

The book was a gift in exchange for an honest review

Goodreads Summary: Some men fight tooth and nail through life, others seem blessed by the Gods. A Rhodes Scholar with an MBA from Harvard, Jarrod Stryker is of the latter variety—and the darling of banking world. Whatever he deigns to touch, obediently turns to gold.
But beneath the fine suit is a man with a history. The ex-CIA operative was dishonourably dismissed after falling on his sword to protect the woman he loved. The memories stay vivid, but the days of daring affairs and desert storms are long behind him. Gulfstreams and caviar are now more his style.
That is until he stumbles upon a conspiracy so great, it threatens to sever the threads of international diplomacy, and plunge the world into a dark age of chaos.
Jarrod Stryker will soon learn that the Gods can be fickle friends.

Author Info:

IRWYW fiver 3


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