Top Reads of 2015

I spent the majority of 2015 bedridden and bored from a recurring back/hip injury. I have a terrific friend who told me I should do something to make me happy. So when I asked myself what that could be, reading was what came to mind. Reading is my super power and my happy place, so I went home and started a book blog. I was immediately bowled over by the number of authors who responded by sending me their books. Then, my injury reared its nasty head and before I could get moving on the blog I was once again flat on my back more concerned more with making it through a day, than caring if I ever read another book again. For three months my blog and my stack of books sat gathering dust. One day, feeling a little bit better, I picked up a book and sucked it down in a few hours and felt the need to write a review. All of a sudden I was back.

It happened slowly at first, as I built up my strength to sit at the computer for more than just a few minutes. Then, getting ambitious, rather than write from home I staked out a table at the local library and now I had something to do everyday and I was getting out, walking and avoiding that bed that had sucked out so much of my life over the past year. For the last three months of the year, I read some fabulous books, made some terrific friends with reviewers, promoters, bloggers and authors and watched my blog grow a little bit more everyday. For the last few weeks of the year I was joined on the blog by a co-blogger who loves kids books and has an insatiable need to talk to people about why they do what they do and his contributions added to the blog in a way neither of us could have expected.

After a bit of a setback when my computer decided working wasn’t an option whether I needed it to work or not, I am heading into 2016 with strong goals and renewed sense of self. This is the year when I read what YOU write and then tell the world about it.

Here are my favorite reads from 2015, in no particular order

26596192The Girl From Berlin Series by Ellie Midwood
The story of Annalise Meissner, a young Jewish woman in WWII Germany who becomes a spy within the SS. Along the way she finds love and danger. Ms. Midwood has written an outstanding trio of books that allows the reader to immerse into war torn Germany at the height of the Third Reich.

The Girl from Berlin: Standartenfuhrer’s Wife
The Girl from Berlin: Gruppenführer’s Mistress
The Girl from Berlin: War Criminal’s Widow

41QXsmvB59L._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_.jpgAquarius Rising Series by Brian Burt
In this post apocalyptic world the seas are inhabited by a genetically engineered life form, Aquarians, created specifically to live in the oceans, while the remnants of Humanity try to survive on the scorched land. The battle between these two very different beings is mounting and could destroy what is left of the Earth.  Mr. Burt has taken a very over-saturated genre and breathed new life into it creating characters and a story that are original and fresh.

Aquarius Rising: In the Tears of God
Aquarius Rising: Blood Tide

26847268The Age of Kali: Soul Warrior by Falguni Kothari
Lord Karna is an immortal who has the job of protecting humanity from the demons or asuras, monitoring  both the mortal and immortal worlds. He meets his greatest challenge when he is given the task to train a group of godlings. He must come to terms with eons of strife between himself, his family and the woman he loves. Ms. Kothri has given us a thoroughly modern and compelling setting for ancient Indian myths.

Soul Warrior: Book 1 The Age of Kali

 25635011Sky Ghosts Series by Alexandra Engellmann
Sky Ghosts is the story of a unique band of warriors. They have super powers, can fly and heal themselves quickly. They have been the body guards and watchers for the less abled part of humanity for generations. This series focuses on the enclave of warriors at Headquarters and on the breach between themselves and the Sky Beasts that has come to all out war as the opposing sides disagree what their role should be to mere humans. Urban Fantasy is a genre that has much room for expansion and Ms. Engellmann is leading the way with her thrilling story of the warriors Pain, Jane and Marco, and their companions. I am looking forward to many more adventures.

Sky Ghosts: All For One
Sky Ghosts: Marco

51c09JD1uvL._SX336_BO1,204,203,200_The IA: Series by John Darryl Winston
This is the story of a remarkable young man named Naz. Orphaned and given the charge of protecting his younger sister in the most dangerous of neighborhoods, he is on a journey of self discovery that will lead him in a direction he least expects. He must navigate bullies, strangers following him and his own tortured dreams to find out who and what he is. Rarely, have I been so completely sucked into a story as I have been with this series. Written for upper middle grades/ young adult audiences, it resonates so well with its intended readers. Mr. Winston has crafted a master tale that makes the reader think beyond what is seen.

IA: Initate

Picture2The Blu Phenomenon by Catherine Pike Plough
The story of a young Chinese boy who has been adopted by an American family. He wants nothing more than blend in, but his very un-Chinese blue eyes and his exceptional athleticism make that difficult. He finds himself at the center of a conspiracy spanning the globe that could be revolutionary for his homeland. Ms. Plough has written a story is that is at once touching and thought provoking and is still an epic adventure. She touches on the myriad of issues facing international adoptees with grace and depth.

The Blu Phenomenon

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