Finding Our Way Home

Thanks so much for all the support and warmth during our enforced vacation. Our computer seems to be fixed and I expect a flurry of activity here in the next few days as I take stock and see where we are most behind and what can be done to catch up. I figure it will probably take most of January to get back to full speed.  I do not expect reviews, promos, premium packages or tours to be affected in February and I am currently accepting Romance reviews for the Valentines Day Promo, Reviews for the end of February and most of March is still open. Also, Lian has a about ten spots open for KidLit reviews in January. His interviews in progress will be posted as he can get them up and he expects to have plenty of room for new interviews in February if anyone is interested.

If you have been told to expect your review or your 5 Questions interview before January 31, 2016 and you don’t see it posted by the then, please drop us a note. I would hate for anyone to drop through the cracks as we get moving again.

Again, thanks for the support. We are looking forward to connecting with you soon.




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