Winter Wonderland: One Week In December (One Week in Love Book 3)



Title/One Week In December (One Week in Love Book 3)  / Author/ Alexis Anne, Audra North, Julia Kelly, Alexandra Houghton / Publishing Date/ November 2015 / Length/ 84 / Genre/  Steamy Romance

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27850030A little bit of trivia… This was published on my wedding anniversary. Good thing I didn’t have it then, I might have gotten myself in to trouble reading instead of celebrating.

Short And Sweet. As always too short, but well written, developed stories for the most part. They run the gambit from breathless anticipation to graphic sensuality, each of these stories hits the spot and leaves just enough room for dessert. Moments of imperfect romance with flashes of humor, wrapped up in a heart-warming holiday theme.



This bookworm awards “One Week in December” 5 Tomes. Note: This anthology does contain adults only scenes

5 stars

Goodreads Summary: Follow four couples as they find, strengthen, or renew love during the holiday season. This collection of four free shorts will light up the dark nights of winter!

Marrying Owen by Alexis Anne
Bringing your boyfriend home to meet your parents at Christmas is a difficult tradition no one looks forward to, but bringing home Owen Jones, lead singer of the triple platinum rock band Jettison Seven, is extra complicated for Alice’s conservative family. Which means a week over the holidays will be the test of whether their relationship is the stuff of legend, or of grocery store gossip magazines.

Simply Having by Audra North
Astrid Faber isn’t expecting any miracles this Christmas. With her parents gone, she’s never felt as alone as she does this holiday season. But when she finds herself struggling to get her lonely little Christmas tree up the stairs into her apartment, her elusive hot neighbor, Simon James, appears just in time to help lift the tree—and her spirits. But can Simon ease her heart long enough for Astrid to allow herself to simply have a wonderful Christmas?

Kiss Me at Midnight by Julia Kelly
Allina Hemphill’s been (unsuccessfully) set up by her parents too many times, but when her mother’s scheming puts Blane Douglas in her sights on Christmas Eve, she finds she’s more than happy to steal a kiss under the mistletoe.

This Christmas by Alexandra Haughton
This Christmas, Maggie Embry feels like a misfit toy. When her parents announced their divorce over Thanksgiving leftovers, it rocked the foundation of her life—even though she’s almost thirty, not six. By refusing to take sides, she finds herself with nowhere to go for the holidays. Which is fine by her because the magic of the season has lost its sparkle.

Reluctantly, Maggie agrees to join her best friend’s little family celebration—it’s better than spending Christmas alone. But when their party grows by an unexpected number at the candlelight Christmas Eve service, it’s a blast from the past who just might be able to help her find her missing pieces…

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