Winter Wonderland: Lucky Donkey is Tardy For Christmas by Dennis Dralyuk & Victoria Dicheva

Christmas reads

Title/ Lucky Donkey is Tardy For Christmas / Author/ Dennis Dralyuk & Victoria Dicheva / Publishing Date/ December 2014 / Length/ 7 pages
Genre/ Christmas Short Story/ Recommended Age/ 2-6

Amazon / Goodreads

27791943Lucky the Donkey, is running late on Christmas Eve and he has gotten lost in the Los Angeles Airport. He didn’t know what Plane to take and none of the busy grown ups could talk to him. He was worried about the boys and girls on his farm missing out Christmas. He meets a nice boy named Anthony who hopes to help him on his way.

This was a good story, but I think it was not written in English first and might have have lost something in the translation. It made me realize why learning English can be so hard.





2 / Readability- This story is not easily readable as it is.

5/ Age Appropriate– I think ids 4-8 could enjoy this story

3/ Illustrations– The illustrations were a mix of live action and drawing threethat was kind of random.

5/ Holds Interest– I did want to see Donkey get home for Christmas.

3/ Did I Like It?– Wording aside, this was cute idea for a story.




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