Winter Wonderland: A Festive Return by Harriet Blake


Title/ A Festive Return / Author/ Harriet Blake / Publishing Date/ November 2015 / Length/ 59 pages / Genre/  Christmas Novella

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27883287No Christmas Allowed! When Beth and her infant son move back to her hometown, she discovers that Christmas has been outlawed, at least publicly. The town, though brimming with holiday spirit, is held hostage by a bah humbug landowner who owns half the town and would rather evict her tenants than see a drop of holiday cheer in her town.

This was so much fun. While I expected Christmas to win out, the reasons “Why” were so much more than I expected. I enjoyed being introduced to the townsfolk and being drawn into their stories. Beth is precisely the indomitable spirit who should lead the Christmas revolution. This was a great way to spend a half hour.

This bookworm awards “A Festive Return” 5 Tomes
5 stars

Goodreads Summary: In the village of Havelock, landowners Brenda and Robert Mason threaten and bribe to prevent any public celebration of Christmas. The villagers reluctantly accept it as their town’s little quirk, but when Beth Hawthorne (AKA Shocker, a once tearaway Havelock tween) returns, she refuses to follow suit.

Beth rallies her neighbours into rebelling against the ban, however soon discovers that the Masons are more powerful than she thought. With the threat of eviction looming, it may be time to rely on the help of others – including her old childhood friend, Henry, who always was an excellent partner-in-crime…

A short, humorous read filled with banned tinsel and prohibited fairy lights. The Festive Return: A Christmas Novella.


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