Winter Wonderland: Amazing Adventures Of Lucas and Charlie At Christmas by Renee Sandy

Christmas reads

Title/ Amazing Adventures Of Lucas and Charlie At Christmas…/ Author / Renee Sandy / Publisher/  RS Publishing/ Publishing Date/ June 2015 / Length/ 45 pages / Recommended Ages/ 5-17

Amazon / Goodreads 

Goodreads Summary: Lucas and Charlie’s Wishes Comes Through This Christmas As Their Family Celebrates The Holiday.A Surprise Visitor Shows up at their Doorstep just in time for the Holiday Season.


Charlie and Lucas see a falling star and they realize it is the Christmas Hope Star. They go around town, avoiding bullies and getting the attention of the police, on a search for the fallen star and then make a very special Christmas Wish.




4- Readability/ The story was terrific, but it had a couple of continuity errors that made stumble a little bit

5- Age Appropriate/ I think kids 8-12 will enjoy this adventure. Amazon lists this for 17, I think that is a typo.

NA/ Illustrations

5- Holds Interest/ The boys got up to a lot of stuff on their Christmas Eve jaunt. I enjoyed it.

4- Did I like It?/ I did like it, but it isn’t really obvious that this is a seriesfour and so the mentions of previous adventures without explanation made it kind of hard to follow. I didn’t know why dad was away, or what happened during any of the things mentioned. Still it was a fun story and I am glad things worked out the way they did.




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