Winter Wonderland: Hugs & Kisses in a Bottle: The Best Christmas Gift Ever! by Mary Krauel

winterTitle/ Hugs and Kisses in a Bottle: The best Christmas Gift Ever!  / Author/ Mary Krauel  / Publishing Date/ 2015 / Length/ 37 pages  /
Genre/  Christmas Self Help / Craft
Amazon / Goodreads

27883827This short story is about Alexa. She isn’t looking forward to the holidays because her parents have recently separated and she and her brother will be spending part of it with only one of them at a time. She is also worried about her parent’s finances and their ability to help her get gifts for her family as they have done in the past. After talking with her mom about her worries, she stumbles on a craft idea idea that shows true Christmas spirit.

This is a cute way to deal with a real issue for so many families facing separation or hardship during the holidays. The author mentions divorce specifically, however in her forward points out that her inspiration was actually an overnight business trip. In my own family, my husband is an long haul truck driver and this craft would have been terrific for those holidays spent apart from him. When my son was young I was always looking for little crafts to make Daddy’s truck more Christmassy and would convey that we were with him during the holidays despite the thousands of miles between us. Also, it goes without saying that this would be great for families with a member on military deployment. This is a fabulous way to show that Christmas giving comes from the heart and not the wallet.

This is a terrific holiday story for kids ages 5-12 and a great resource for kids facing separation from family members during the holidays, facing financial hardship or just in want of fun recycled Christmas craft.

This bookworm awards “Hugs and Kisses in a Bottle” 5 Tomes
5 stars

Goodreads Summary: Your 5-9 year olds will love the unique and creative way they can make and give Christmas gifts to mom and dad especially after separation and divorce.

First Book in the Series ….

We see through the eyes of Alexa a 7 year old girl how she and her brother Joey 10 cope with the separation and divorce of their parents especially at Christmas. Children often wish they could spend the whole time with both parents and feel sadness and guilt when they are not with the other parent.

Learning the True Meaning of Gift Giving ….

The message this book brings is that although material gifts are great – gifts from the heart, of oneself, made by the person are more precious and will be remembered long after you have outgrown the sweater or the toy. And it applies whether your parents are separated or together.

Reading and Creating with Your Child …

This book is not only a story to be read with your child but an activity for children, and for children together with their parents. Nothing develops a bond or connection more than creating something beautiful together – the craft and the memories. Craft guidelines are provided at the end of the book that can be used for gifts not only for Christmas but any occasion. This book can also be used by teachers with their students.

So get started and order your book now!

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