5 Questions With Rebecca Jayne Heipel

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Today I am excited to share Ms. Heipel’s answers to the Five Questions she chose.  She has recently released the book “The Struggle Within.” Later this week this blog will feature a review of the book. Meanwhile you can enter the giveaway for one of three prizes, including a signed copy at this link.

Book Promo and Giveaway: The Struggle Within by Rebecca Jayne Heipel


Book Review: The Struggle Within


10609499_10154646362925319_2381758970724636345_nRebecca Jayne Heipel has been writing since her father first put a crayon in her hands as a small child.  From short stories to poetry to screenplays and stage plays, Rebecca has never let her passion for writing be quenched by everyday life.  When she’s not writing she can be found welding or playing with the circus.  Her hobbies include playing video games, making castles and scrapbooking.

 Rebecca’s 5 Questions:

If you could have lunch with 3 authors (past and present) who would they be and what do you think you would talk about during lunch.

Stephen King
Christopher Fowler (the British author of Roofworld)

I think we would mostly start off talking about Shakespeare’s lost plays and after finally being convinced that they’re not his lost plays since we obviously lost them and not him, I would divert the conversation to our pets and exchange photos of our animals doing silly things. After much debate over who had the cutest animal, where I would win with 2 adorable ferrets, we would discuss and compare our writer blocks horror stories and how we let ourselves get easily distracted by all the little things in order to avoid actually admitting we have writers block and then all conversation would cease as dessert arrived

Lian- That is hilarious. I would love to be a part of that conversation. It is cool that you have ferrets for pets. My experience is with cats only, but they seem pretty cute to me.


What is your all time favorite book or author?

My favorite book is ‘Oryx and Crake’ by Margaret Atwood. Its so amazing. And she’s Canadian like myself with just makes me proud.
My favorite author however, has been and always will be Stephen King. He drags you along with every word he writes and makes you turn pages even when terrified to do so. He’s like an addiction. For fun I try to not buy his book the first couple of weeks they are out but look at them longingly in the stores.

Lian- My parents would agree with you about Stephen King. I love how his whole family is authors.


How do you define success as an author?

Two things define it to me. First is with all the talking I’ve done with my novel and describing it to my friends and seeing them hooked on the idea I’m selling them. When they read my novel and enjoy as much when they finished it as when they first picked it up would mean I had succeeded.

But truthfully, true success is not about money nor about a million sales. Technically its not even about the first novel you write. Even if I sell a million copies of my first novel. What would define success to me is when I write my second book (currently in progress) and publish it that everyone jumps to buy it because they see my name on it, remember how much they enjoyed my first novel and want to read more because they liked my writing that much. To me, that would be true success.

Lian- This was a hard question for me to answer since success for me has to do with just making my next goal. I really really like how you answered this question. I wish you lots of success with your books.


What or who inspired to begin writing?

I remember in grade one we were asked to write/draw a book for our class. I wrote a story about an ice skater who got trapped in another world and had to rescue her family. I enjoyed writing it so much that I wrote a second story for that same assignment. I even still have those books around in a tub in my garage. After that I realized that my school’s library was quite small, especially for childrens books. So I began to both write new stories and get my younger brother to draw pictures for them (chris was always a great artist, even at a young age) and to remake books I had remembered from grade 1. I remember in those books writing in the front something along the lines of ‘not written by me, by someone I forget’. Then we put all of those books in the school library

Lian- This is a terrific story, I loved reading it. You must have had a lot of support. I have a soft spot for school projects. My first book was an assignment at school and the experience was so positive that I am writing a full length book to be published professionally.


How do you avoid or defeat writers block?

I don’t write full time so I think that’s a huge advantage. I took an online novel writing course halfway through writing my first novel and some of the best advice our instructor gave us was these two things. 1 – set a daily goal whether it be amount of time you write or number of words to write. I set a time goal. 30 minutes each day. Sometimes I write 1000 words, sometimes only 500. When the timer goes off I stop. I finish my sentence or paragraph and stop. Then the next day I have something to continue on that’s already in my brain. 2 – think about what you’re going to write before you write. All day. So I spend my days thinking about my story, what scenes I want to write and kinda obsess about them. So when I sit down my brain is exploding with info

Lian- That is great advice and it seems to be working for you. Thanks for passing it on and thank you so much for sharing your 5 Questions

You can keep up With Author Rebecca Jayne Heipel on Facebook, Twitter and Goodreads And “The Struggle Within” Is available on Lulu.com


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