Winter Wonderland: The Christmas Present by Alexander McCabe


Title/The Christmas Present  / Author/ Alexander McCabe / Publishing Date/ November 2015  / Length/38  / Recommended Ages/  6-10

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gitaI really enjoyed reading this story. It is the story of Gabriel. A ten year old boy who no longer believes in Santa because he just can’t understand why other kids get to have a bigger better Christmas than he does. He lives with his mother and while she tries to make Christmas a fun time for him all he can think of are things he would like and feels that his dad, living in the next town over, would be better able to give him. He runs away but doesn’t get too far before he is confronted by a pint sized elf and the most famous reindeer of all. What follows is a delightful spin on the classic Christmas Carol, with Gabriel learning that shiny and expensive doesn’t buy happiness.

I read this out loud for my family, a tradition that my son admits he has outgrown, but will “endure” just for me (insert winky face here). The book is dynamic and written in language appropriate for chapter readers.

This bookworm awards “The Christmas Present” 5 Tomes
5 stars

Goodreads Summary: I have a little secret to tell you that not many people know. Something that maybe your mum and dad don’t even know!

You see, at the very moment you were born, Santa allocated you an elf. It’s true! Your very own elf who watches to see when you have been naughty and nice. Every year, just before Christmas, your elf reports to Santa so he can decide what presents you can have from your list.

Yet there are some people that don’t believe in Santa. I know, I know, it’s crazy… but it’s true! Once those people stop believing in Santa, then their elf’s are sent away from the North Pole and only allowed back when they start to believe in him again.

Gabriel the Elf is very worried. His child is beginning to think that Santa isn’t real. Gabriel the Elf doesn’t want to be banished from all his friends at the North Pole, so what can he do? There is only one thing he can do.

He must prove that Santa is real.

Christmas reads

This story is about a young boy named Gabriel who is ten. His parents
are divorced and his dad lives in a different town and hardly has time for Gabriel. One Christmas he runs away to go live with his dad thinking that he would be happier there because his dad has more money. He meets an elf, also named Gabriel and Rudolph the reindeer and they teach him the true meaning of Christmas. It is better to give a gift than receive one.


5- Readability/ It was easy to read it flowed nicely and was very expressive.

5- Age Appropriate/ This is a must read Christmas book for kids 5-12

5- Illustrations/ There weren’t illustrations, but I really liked the cover art.

5- Holds Interest/ It totally held my interest. I thought the chapter titles were very clever too.five

5- Did I Like It?/ I really did. This is the best Christmas book I have read this year.


  1. Hi there,

    *Thanks so much again for the brilliant review*

    I just wanted to let you know that “The Christmas Present” is now fully illustrated and I am more than happy to send *free* copies to any one of your readers who would like one.

    Please just drop me a line at and I’ll send it along.

    Many thanks again, and may I take this opportunity to wish you all a wonderful Christmas and everything you wish for in 2017!



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