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About The Book

Picture1Nicola had it all.  A loving boyfriend.  A successful new business.  A potential baby on the way and two loving sisters.  But all of that changed overnight when a secret admirer quickly became a persistent stalker whom the police wouldn’t take seriously, forcing Nicola to take matters into her own hands.

Watch as her sisters come across a dark family secret better left buried and as Nicola slowly unravels as everything around her falls apart.  Be prepared for a shocking twist of events that will leave your heart racing and blow your mind away as you discover the stalker is someone much closer to home than anyone could have anticipated.

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Have you ever wondered how things might have been?

Like if you had turned left and took the shortcut instead of the long way to school one day. Or you hit the snooze button one extra time and miss your bus. Perhaps you call in sick to work one day, just to enjoy the sunshine, and then get assigned as team leader on a project that nobody wanted. Or perhaps your mother doesn’t try to kill herself on your eighth birthday. Maybe, just maybe, things might have been easier? Perhaps I might not have ended up in this situation.
These thoughts were filling my head as I tried to draw a breath into my lead-lined lungs. A dull, throbbing ache pulsed through my rib cage as I leaned over to cough, a dry rattle emerging from my lips and blood driveling down my chin. My head lulled forward onto my chest, supported by the coarse ropes that held me up. Slowly I tried to raise my head up, fighting against the alarm bells that were ringing inside. A heavy haze fell over me as I struggled to remain conscious. A sudden chill overcame me and I cried out in pain as the ropes dug farther and deeper into my rib cage.

A lone light bulb flickered above me, slowly swaying in the breeze I now felt pass through the room. Shadows danced on the walls and in my imagination. Cries echoed around me and I was unable to discern if they were real or not. Were they actually happening or were they a vague recollection of how I got here? Uncertainty and confusion welled up inside me as tears gushed down my face and I fought back the sobs. How did I end up here? Where is here? Why is this happening to me?
I looked at the wall in front of me and tried to focus, but the shadows were playing tricks with my eyes. The dimly lit wall kept revealing a dark stain that kept growing bigger with each swaying pass of the light bulb above my head. A dark, rusty stain on a dirty brown wall. The stench of vomit suddenly filled my nose as the breeze quickened around me, and a low groan from behind me gave the impression that I was no longer alone. As I fought against the ropes to turn towards the noise, a sudden blackness embraced me.




She let out a sigh of relief and turned on her phone again and started to text Patsy when the sound of a large crack, like a branch being stepped on, came from the same bush.  Nicola looked up from her phone and saw the bush rustle again.  This time she immediately turned and took off down the path.  She looked over her shoulder and thought she could make out the the form of a person behind her, but she couldn’t be positive.  Regardless, she ran down the trail as fast as she could, her heart racing so loudly she could barely make out the sound of footsteps pounding behind her.  Farther and farther she ran down the path until it came to an abrupt end.  She stopped and looked behind her.  She couldn’t see anyone but she could feel that he was close by.  She looked around for another trail out but couldn’t see one.  The bushes rustled again, and she could hear small cracks of branches from down the path and then a low, gruff voice.  She thought she heard her name.  She tore off into the trees, off of the trail.

She tried to focus on the sounds of the school children, wanting to find the school grounds where she would be safe, but they were a million miles away.  The branches of the trees scratched at her face and mud sucked up at her shoes.  The ground began to get soft and sloppy.  She looked over her shoulder but couldn’t make out much beyond the trees.  Pushing herself harder she continued to run wildly through the muck, stealing glances over her shoulder.  Suddenly she tripped over a large tree root and fell face first into the mud, hitting her head on a large tree root.  Dazed, she rolled over onto her back and scrambled backwards.  She looked around frantically, afraid that he was already there.  She could hear voices in the near distance and the sound of feet slopping through mud.  She tried to push herself into a sitting position up against the very tree she just tripped over but stars spun in her vision and she stumbled back onto her bottom, landing in the mud.  She put a hand to her head and tried to steady it.  Still a bit groggy but afraid to dawdle, she used the nearest tree trunk for support and pulled herself first to her knees and then, despite the screams ricocheting in her head, to her feet and stumbled forward.

Finally she broke free of the forest, and looking around she realized that she was at the far edge of the school grounds.  The kids playing were but specks in the far off distance.  She looked behind herself at the forest and then back at the kids playing.  Determined, she stumbled her way towards them.  Suddenly she heard voices from behind her and stopped to look over her shoulder.  Emerging from the forest, not far from where she just was, a small group of high school boys ran out, covered in mud and cheering.  Most of the boys faces sported mud and gigantic grins.  She stared at them dumbfounded.  They ran towards her, noticed her and high-fived her as they ran past.  She watched as they joined their group of classmates on the field.  She stumbled backwards, towards the forest.  Her knees grew weak and wobbled as she crumbled down to the ground and everything went black.

About The Author:

10609499_10154646362925319_2381758970724636345_n.jpgRebecca Jayne Heipel has been writing since her father first put a crayon in her hands as a small child.  From short stories to poetry to screenplays and stage plays, Rebecca has never let her passion for writing be quenched by everyday life.  When she’s not writing she can be found welding or playing with the circus.  Her hobbies include playing video games, making castles and scrapbooking.

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