Winter Wonderland: Reading Inspired Cookbooks/Recipes


This being a book blog, I thought it would be fun to showcase some fun  recipes and cookbooks inspired by books.

First up we have The Unofficial Harry Potter Cookbook Presents: A Magical Christmas Menu by Dinah Bucholz. I laughed when I started to read this cookbook, I thought to myself that food should be considered a character in the story and I am glad to see that I am not the only one who noticed. Find recipes, as well as real life history, for some of the Hogwarts favorite edibles in this fun holiday cookbook. Enjoy a traditional Christmas Pudding, Cornish Pasties, Peppermint Humbugs and other recipes. This is actually only a teaser for the full cookbook and only loosely tied to the Harry Potter books, however I found it fun.

51RDjJHDsLL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_Next up is 20 Christmas Recipes & Book Club Questions Inspired by … By Buffy Naillon. Included are some great dessert recipes like Pumpkin Nutella Bread, Apple Cake and Sugar Cookies. It also sports great idea for putting together a book club including discussion questions about various books and how food plays a part in the stories. It is finished off by an interesting short story. The book seems a bit disorganized and jumbled with little preamble or explanation in places, but the recipes seem imminently tryable.


51XFKVwR9UL._SX318_BO1,204,203,200_My favorite for this post is Favorite Christmas Cookies from the Authors of Ten Christmas Brides. It features recipes as shared by the characters in each of the stories, with a small introduction for each on how they fit in. Not only do I want to spend time in the kitchen trying out the recipes, but I want to read the stories as well. Recipes like Scottish Shortbread, Almond Chews, Rocky Road Treats from the authors Ruth Cardello, Nina Bruhns, Donna Fasano, Rebecca York, Helen Scott Taylor, Patrice Wilton, Mona Risk, Annie Jones, Alicia Street and Mimi Barbour.


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