Book Review: Reality Natalie by Katie Sparks (Guest Blogger)

.8I had a terrific time reading Reality Natalie. Though this book is geared toward 4-6 grade girls, the themes and characters in this book appeal to boys and girls alike. As an 11 year old boy I found that I could relate to Natalie and her friends easy. Like her I have my own blog where I interview people in my community. To have a chance, like Natalie to audition for a ‘Dream Interview’ job would be the best. My dream job is to be one of the Scholastic Kid Reporters. Natalie’s is to be the guest host of her favorite kid talk show. It gets hard when her best friend who is good at everything wants the job too.

I really enjoyed how this book is centered around the themes of friendship, teamwork and honesty. These things aren’t always easy for kids my age to handle. Natalie and her classmates find out that even if doing these aren’t easy, it is totally worth it to do your best to try, that you can find friendship in the most unexpected places, and no matter how weird or unconventional you are, doing what you do best can help you achieve your dreams.

Parents, I totally recommend this book for your tween girls and their best friends. Teachers, I would recommend this book for your whole class. They will all find someone in the story to relate to and learn some great lessons about growing up.

“That’s a Wrap” If you do decide to read this book, I hope you like it as much as I did.


Readability: This was book was a cinch to read.

Age Appropriate: Totally. Tween Girls and maybe some boys will enjoy it.

Illustrations: There weren’t a lot of illustrations, but I love the clack board announcing each chapter.

Hold Interest: Absolutely, I didn’t want to stop reading.

Did I like it?: You bet. I loved reading about someone like me.

I received this book free from Mother Daughter Book reviews in exchange for a review. This is a re-post from


lian reads.


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