Winter Wonderland: Jacob Bear’s First Christmas by Carrot-Phwack Singleton

Christmas reads


Jacob is a beautiful teddy bear “red cardigan with its two, big, shiny green buttons and his lovely blue eyes,” in this frightfully British children’s book. He desperately wanted to see the outside world. One day a little girl wants to buy him.

This book was fun. I wanted to read it in a British accent. I enjoyed the British terms like Mummy or Cookery Book. It was interesting how some phrases are just a little different from how I would say them.



5-Readability/ It was easy to read.

5- This is an easy beginner reader for up to first grade

5- Illustrations/ Awesome. I love the texture of the colors.

4-Hold Interest/  I do think it should have been a bit more about Jacob and less about Jennifer, because of the title, but I did want to find out if he got to go home with her.four

4- Did I Like It?/ I did like it for the most part.






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