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1380042ABOUT H.R. Kasper is an Ohio native whose great love for writing propelled her to publish her first title, The Mirror. She is a sports fanatic and self-proclaimed grammar Nazi who enjoys photography. As a fantasy author she is especially partial to fantasy books but she enjoys reading in general. H.R. is always happy to appear for guest posts, interviews, and even podcasts.

H.R Kasper is a fantasy author whose mind has taken her places she’s never expected. Her first book, The Mirror, has been called “fast-paced fantasy” and praised for its twists and description. She is a born and bred Ohioan and lives on 10 acres in the northeast region of the state.

THE SHADOWMASTER:  51rE6u5uUPL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_

Book Blurb:  
Who is the ShadowMaster?
According to a letter from the Sylvanian Democracy’s President, he or she is a force to be reckoned with. They are also the only person who can further secure Vitreusia from the hostile Noxans. Undertaking a treacherous journey, Leigh Kline and her companions must find the mysterious ShadowMaster…and convince him or her to turn against the very blood that runs through their veins. The danger is high, but the stakes are higher. Can war be prevented? Or is the prophecy about to be fulfilled, no matter how much Leigh, Zach, and the twins sacrifice?
Short Synopsis: Leigh and company are about to embark on their most treacherous adventure yet. Their mission? Find the mysterious and powerful ShadowMaster and convince him to betray his own nation. If he does, there is still a spark of hope. If he doesn’t…war seems inevitable. Everything Leigh and her friends have ever known hangs in the balance. They are not just fighting for their lives, but for the ground they stand on. If they lose? The universe will be an endless mass of chaos and darkness.
Heroes are not born, but forged in the fiery furnace of catastrophe.
Zach Easton
Then the light vanished, and everything was dark. “Leigh?” I whispered. “Where are we? What did you do?”
“I’m not sure…” she answered, her voice quavering. Just then I heard footsteps. Torches were lit, and I looked around at what appeared to be an arena of sorts. People began to swarm in, taking seats in the stands, the seats of which seemed like they were made of black velvet. These people emanated darkness. Noxans.
“Leigh, what have you done?” I said in a small voice, a crack of fear showing through.
Tears were in my sister’s dark purple eyes. “I—I don’t know, Zach!” she responded, her voice heavy with stress.
A loud voice filled the arena. “Today!” it said. “Today we gather for the choosing of a new leader!” Cheers inundated the dimly lit arena. “Three enter,” said the man, who was standing in the middle of a triangular area, fenced off from the rest of the place. “Only one will rule.” I bit my lip. I did not like the sound of that. “Xavier Leon, of the X clan,” the man announced as a tall, lanky boy who couldn’t have been more than seventeen climbed into the triangle. Shouts rang out. Some cheered for Xavier. Others called out insults. “Yeraldina Warett, of the Y clan.” A sturdy girl of medium height entered the triangle. Again, some shouted their approval, while others yelled things like, “Kill her!” I looked at Leigh, grimacing.
“I’m trying to get us out of here, but I can’t,” she told me.
The man spoke up again. “Lastly, Zynthia Avariss, of the Z clan.” I snapped to attention, as did Leigh.
“Zynthia!” I rasped as she clambered into the triangle. She looked younger, about fifteen years old. She looked at Xavier, and her eyes widened in seeming horror and disbelief. Her chest heaving, she glanced about her as if looking to escape somehow.
The man smiled, still standing in the center of the triangle. I realized he was not very tall, for Zynthia towered over him, even standing in her assigned corner. “You all know the rules. The duel begins now!” he cried, ducking out of the triangle.

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