Winter Wonderland: Grandpa’s Best Christmas Eve Ever (Lian Reads)

Christmas reads

Title/ Grandpa’s Best Christmas Eve / Author/ Patty Seymour Killham / Illustrator / Mike Motz / Publishing Date/ December 2011 / Length/ 24 pages / Recommended Ages/ up to age 7
Amazon / Goodreads

51cZEOHY3WL._SX403_BO1,204,203,200_I am super excited for the winter wonderland showcase. I am a sucker for Christmas stories and this one is a great way to to begin the season. I really liked how this is a family memory that grandpa is sharing with his grandson. It is a very Christmasy thing to do.

I loved that this story is about prayer. A lot of the time Christmas is just about Santa and not religious things so it was nice to read a story about Christmas being about Jesus.

The illustrations were bright and cheery. Everybody in the pictures has such wide open happy eyes. I know this is for younger kids and easy readers, but I wish the book was a little longer. I would love to hear more about grandpa’s life as a kid.

3-Ree626f-rubricadability/ It was a good story but it kind of rambled a little bit. It sounded a bit like a child telling a story instead a grown up telling a story about being a kid.

5- Age Appropriate/ Kids Preschool to 2nd grade will enjoy this book

5- Illustrations/ I loved the how festive they were, yet they had simple clean lines. It was easy to see Christmas in all of thfourem

4- Holds Interest/ Stevie seemed a little unfocused so it was hard to keep up with him.

5- Did I Like It?/ I had some issues, but I really enjoyed the story.


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