Winter Wonderland: Books for Kids: Christmas Stories for Kids (Bedtime Stories for Ages 4-8)

Christmas reads

Title/ Books for Kids: Christmas Stories for Kids (Bedtime Stories for Ages 4-8) / Author/ Uncle Amon / Publisher/ Createspace Publishing / Publishing Date/ November 2014 / Length/ 80 Pages / Recommended Ages/ 4-8

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23521608This is an anthology of Christmas stories for little kids. The stories are fun, though they way too short. The jokes were real groaners. My parents and I spent twenty minutes laughing at the one liners. This is part of a series of Christmas books from the same author/publisher and it includes a coloring book and links to the other books. I think that they would all be fun to read with little kids around Christmas time. Of the stories included in this book, my favorite is Christmas in the Future. It is about a Bah Humbug kind of guy whose butler robot is trying to celebrate Christmas and he doesn’t quite get it right, but he tries really hard.



5-Readability/ The stories were really very good

5- Age Appropriate/ These stories are very appropriate for the 4-8 crowd

3- Illustrations/ There are plenty of illustrations and they are Christmassy and bright and colorful but they kind of look like clipartfour

3-Holds Interest/ The stories were good, although way too short. So just as I was starting to get into them they would end.

4-Did I Like It?/ I think little kids might enjoy them, but they didn’t work so much for me.






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