Book Review: Rachel’s Day in the Garden, written by Giselle Shardlow (Guest Blogger)

Rachel's Day in the GardenIn my early grades, I went to a virtual school and for PE everyday, Mom and I would do yoga. I really liked it and this book reminded me about how fun it can be. In Rachel’s Day in the Garden, Rachel and her dog have an adventure in the garden doing things like playing in the rain and planting seeds while Rachel demonstrates various yoga poses. Not only would learning the poses be fun for the kids, I think, but also the book makes a great early reader as well.  At the end of the story is a terrific pictorial guide to the poses and the sight words from the story, as well as a parent guide explaining how to use the story to teach both yoga and reading. The illustrations, by Hazel Quintilla, are simply stupendous and really that is my favorite part. She used so many textures, patterns and colors, like someone would see in a mixed media scrapbook, that even without the story I would have been fascinated with this book. 

I am really happy to have been given a copy of this book from Mother Daughter Book Reviews, to read and review. This is a re-post from


Readability- 4
The main idea of the story moved easy from page to page.

Age Appropriateness- 5
This book is perfect for preschoolers to beginner readers. I also think that younger kids might enjoy just looking at the pictures.

Illustrations- 5
The artwork does a wonderful job of supporting the story and demonstrating the poses.

Ability to hold interest- 5
The story was so full of things for Rachel to do and show that I think kids will stay with the story to the end.

Did I like it?- 5
I really did like and I would love to take a look at other books in the series.


lian reads.


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