Book Review:Super Sporty Short Stories: Signed Anonymous by Ellie Firestone

Title/ Super Sporty Short Stories: Signed Anonymous / Author/ Ellie Firestone / Publisher/2 Fish Press  / Publishing Date/ October 2012  / Length/ 19 Pages  / Genre/  Children’s fiction
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51WCSD48UwL._SX308_BO1,204,203,200_Signed Anonymous is a Super Sporty stand alone story. The Horsecitty museum has been robbed and the police are too busy chasing an international criminal to stop for a mere robbery. Super Sporty and her best bud Harley to the rescue! They need to figure out how the criminal escaped from the locked museum to hold a delicate statue for ransom and get it back before it is too late.

This is a super fun, very original, detective fiction/super hero story that kids will adore. I would say the reading level is third to fifth grade but it would make a fun story time or bedtime read for younger kid. They will enjoy the colorful illustrations.

Next month my guest blogger and I will be reviewing the latest Super Sporty adventure, Super Sporty 8: The Attack of the Pegasi. This is has been a great introduction to the series and I can’t wait to read the new book.

This Bookworm awards “Super Sporty Short Stories: Signed Anonymous” 5 Tomes
5 stars


… And
Summer of Fun Blog rates it 5 stars

Readability: This was an easy book to read.

Age Appropriate: I think this book is for kids ages 6-10 to read, but little kids would enjoy hearing it more.

Illustrations: The illustrations are really cool. I love how simple and colorful the drawings are. Like marker drawings. Very creative and fun.

Ability to hold interest: The story moved a little fast, but I was excited to find out who stole the Fidgilium statue ← I just wanted to add Fidgilium to my spell checker 🙂

Did I like it? The idea of a super hero horse in an intergalactic storyverse is really unique.

Goodreads Summary: Sporty and her best friend, Harley, are two young horses who play basketball for Horsecitty’s professional team called the Shorthorns. They’re also superheroes.

In this short story, Sporty and Harley are called upon to track down a valuable artwork that went missing under suspicious circumstances. But amidst enigmas, red herrings and a mysterious note, will the heroes find the culprit?

If you like horses, if you like superheroes, if you like adventure and aliens, then you’ll love Super Sporty and the rest of the Horsecitty gang.

Keep an eye out for future adventures of Super Sporty, written and illustrated by Ellie Firestone. Check out her author page or website for more information

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