Book Review: City of Wizards by George Mazurek

Title/ The City of Wizards / Author/George Mazurek / Publisher/  Amazon Digital Services / Publishing Date/ October 2014 / Pages/  / Genre/ Fantasy Fiction

51Cgwq7Q1oL._SX311_BO1,204,203,200_The City of Wizards is a story of wizards and humans of the city of AveRot’h. It is about a young farmer named Syrdan who has come to the city to watch his foster brother compete in a wizard tournament. While there he meets a young woman who opens his eyes to what is really happening in the city and helps him unravel the mystery of his parentage, giving him a chance to claim his destiny.

I enjoyed getting to know the world of AveRot’h. The complex relationships throughout the tale were a challenge to keep up with. The mounting division between wizards and human was matched only by the internal politicking of the wizard factions. The tournament provided an appropriate background to the real battles taking place in the dark places and high towers of the city.

I do think that perhaps some things moved a bit fast. The love story might have benefitted from at least a few more days of heating up and Syrdan coming into his own was not surprising except that one day he was a human farmer and the next he the wizard nemesis of dark wizards that all powerful wizards and humans feared and was quite capable without any training at all. All in all, I will definitely look forward to the sequels to see where Syr’Dan’s adventures take him.

This Bookworm awards “ City of Wizards” 4 Tomes
4 stars

Goodreads Summary: When a young boy Syrdan arrives to a mythical city of Averot’h, everything seems perfect. Both humans and wizards live here in peace and harmony, four Spires shine brightly high in the skies, wizards cruise the air on their tephirs and an Arena, a place of a magic tournament, is just amazing…

But within the City of Mages, something is badly wrong. What was meant to be a brief trip turns into a battle to save his brother, his new love and his own life from the most powerful of mages…

An entertaining young adult novella from a unique fantasy world is just the first book of the Averot’h saga

Author Info: Goodreads Author Page


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