Book Review: Good Night, Monsters by PJ Thyme

Title/ Good Night, Monsters / Author/ PJ Thyme / Publisher/ Cottaquilla Press / Publishing Date/ September 2015 / Recommended Ages/ Ages 1-6

51af8Yh2GdL._SX258_BO1,204,203,200_Reading to and with my own son at preschool and kindergarten age, I remember how much he loved words that rhymed, making each book an interactive adventure filled with fun and giggles, and oh yeah, he learned something along the way. That was just the bedtime stories.

Goodnight, Monsters is truly adorable. In this made for bedtime book, movie monsters are rendered inert and comical with colorful illustrations that blend cartoon with photographic backgrounds. I have to admit some of the rhyming pairs took a bit of deciphering on my part and I am still not certain about a couple of them. I do however have to give a huge hand to a kid’s book that not only manages to use the word denizen in a sentence, but finds a way to make it rhyme with skeleton.

This book advertises itself as being for kids ages 1-6. I can agree with this. Younger kids will seriously enjoy the illustrations and the fun of having it read to them and older kids won’t realize that their reading skills are being tested by words not typically in their vocabularies. There is a PDF companion coloring book available that should reinforce both the bedtime message and word play.

This Bookworm awards “Good Night, Monsters” 4 Tomes
4 stars


GoodReads Summary: Bonus Free Coloring Book for Good Night, Monsters readers – featuring ghosts and zombies, werewolves and bats, aliens, robots, mutants, and black cats. . .creatures of fiction, folktales, and lore – dragons, big foot, movie monsters, & more.

Good Night, Monsters. . .another favorite in the Good Night, Book Bedtime Reader series. . .

“Every night to help sleep tight, Mackensie reads a book.”

Every night, to drift into sweet dreams, join Mackensie and say good night to the adventures, tales, and characters from old favorites and new stories that exist in the dream world of books. …and as you enter the Land of Nod, the books might just whisper a good night to you, too.


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